Thursday, October 8, 2015

The San Francisco 49ers come to East Rutherford on Sunday with a record of 1-3, having only won their opening game of the season, a game many did not see as it began after 10 PM on the east coast.

Though the Giants have won two straight games, it is not in their DNA to be a heavy favorite.

Unfortunately that is what they are on Sunday night with the 49ers in town.

With the likes of Devon Kennard and Robert Ayers Jr. questionable to play in this game, the defense may not be able... Read at Giants 101

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has done it all in Baseball. You name it, famous or infamous, his name is bound to pop up. One thing he'd never thought he'd be was an aging player that was only of use as a designated hitter.

Until this year. When the Yankees welcomed him back this season from a long suspension, it became clear that he didn't need to bring his glove to work unless absolutely necessary.

With gold glovers... Read at Yankees 101

This week has been extremely busy for the New York Knicks. Aaron Affalo is still battling a hamstring injury. Kristaps Porzingis and Jerian Grant made their NBA debuts in Madison Square Garden. Head coach Derek Fisher was in an altercation with a former teammate and friend in Los Angeles. Former Knicks star and hall of famer Harry Gallatin passed away. And through it all, the Knicks came out on top, defeating Brazilian Powerhouse Bauru 100-81, which included a half-court buzzer beater by... Read at Knicks 101

The season is slated to begin Friday night for the New Jersey Devils when they face the Winnipeg Jets, but, the red and black have already been through so much this offseason before they played their first game. As most hockey fans know, the Devils went through a complete overhaul of their front office this offseason. Many of New Jersey's fans were skeptical about the new members of the staff, but thus far, they have said what their goals... Read at Devils 101

Fans have been filling London streets in the official NFL Fan Rallies, with 40,000 expected to attend. Even online sportsbooks are getting in on the NFL action with UK betting sites pumping out unprecedented NFL offers to British gamblers (click here for betting information). The question is though, can the Brits handle American football for the long term or is it just a fling? Read at On The Clock 101