Women are making a name for themselves in every field– and horse racing is no exceptionTo date, female jockeys have enjoyed considerable success and seeing this, more and more women in Australia and abroad are taking up jockeying as a full-time profession.

Talking about female jockeys in Australia, women weren’t allowed to pursue horse racing in Australia until the 1970s. However, things have changed considerably since then and today you’ll find many female jockeys on the racing track. Many people like to use 365bet to place wagers on these races featuring female jockeys, making them very popular.

Female jockeys in Australia

Female jockeys haven’t been around for long but they’re not taking long to rise to success. As far as female jockeys in Australia are concerned, there have been many success stories including Michelle Payne becoming the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

Generally considered as a chauvinistic sport, horse racing is slowly but surely warming up to the idea of female jockeys.Today, a growing number of female apprentice jockeys are coming through the ranks. The presence of female jockeys is certainly being felt at the track. So, are you a fan of any female jockey? If yes, then you can bet on your favourite jockey to show your support.

Some people believe that the naturally slimmer physique of the female jockeys gives them an advantage over their male counterparts. For this reason, many are predicting that female jockeys could be winning a lot of horse races in the not so distant future. Today, there a good number of female jockeys in Australia. In fact, one in five jockeys is now a woman. Also, the representation of female jockeys in thoroughbred racing is at an all-time high. Also, unlike previous times, today many horse owners are putting their trust in female jockeys.

Despite the success of the female jockeys to date, betting market prices are a bit biased towards them. It has been noted that female jockeys are 30% more likely to win races than what betting market prices predict. Seeing how successful female jockeys have been so far, only a fool would disregard their chances in a race they start. More and more women are taking up jockeying and it wouldn’t be long before they outnumber their male counterparts. In fact, this is already happening as South Australia’s apprentice jockey program has more females than males.

Challenges faced by female jockeys

There was a time when girls weren’t allowed to race against the boys but those days are long gone. However, there are still some challenges for women who take up jockeying.

Firstly, not many people are willing to help female jockeys financially to get better training. Secondly and most importantly, not many people take them seriously when betting on horse racing. This hits their reputation and discourages them from doing well in future competitions.Each day, female jockeys are improving their skills and performance and it won’t be long before they rise to success and start ruling the roost in the jockeying world.