Keeping a team of high school football players motivated is not always as simple as finding a great rental property investment. Whether your team of previously dedicated players has confronted an embarrassing defeat or you have noticed a general lack of focus in some of your top players, there are a few effective ways to spark your teams’ passion. Here are a few ways that you can enhance motivation and keep your football players focused enough to earn their next victory on the field.

Reassess Essential Gear

Even if your team already has all the gear they need, it may be a great idea to unite your team once again by renewing their uniforms. To motivate your players during practice games, assigning team members their very own custom sports shirts will remind players that practice games and training are as important as competitive matches. Rather than allowing your team to arrive for practice days as they feel comfortable, it would benefit team building to opt for practice uniforms that boast the teams’ proud colours and logo. You should also assess the quality of each team members protective gear, such as mouthguards and shoulder pads to ensure your football players are geared up appropriately to triumph over their next competitor.

Make Practice Games Fun

High school football can be extremely serious for most players who are aiming to get drafted as professionals in the future. However, it is not uncommon for this aspect to eventually feel overwhelming, which may lead to the feeling of defeat. Rather than push your players too hard during practices, you may find making practices fun from time to time will lighten the moods of your star players, which will ultimately help them stay focused and interested in the game. Your players should prize the enjoyment of the game above winning as this will help them march on through defeats without falling off the ball and losing faith in their team.

Failure Should Not Be A Punishable Offence

Even though you will be as disappointed as your players when confronted with a defeat, punishing your team will be devastating and could eventually result in your star players swaying from football altogether. Rather than opt to punish and further devastate your team, it would be wise to lead by example and teach good sportsmanship when confronted with a defeat. This means you should teach your team to acknowledge what when wrong and focus on fixing issues such as communication rather than punishing them. Learning to deal with loss is crucial for sporting stars.

Team Building Activities

The best sporting teams in the world are unified. Therefore, it would be wise to steer your focus from coaching your players on enhancing techniques and increasing their speed and strength as team building activities will help unify your team. What’s more, team building activities are incredibly fun as they aim to improve communication and trust. This effort will greatly benefit your football players at their next game as they will have developed a set of skills that they may not learn from simply brushing up on football skills.