One of the things the average bettor may find the most difficult about NBA Summer League is the changing roster information. This is where Sports Analytics 24/7 goes the extra mile to find the edge for their clients. Sometimes injury information for Summer League games may not be revealed until less than ten minutes before the tip. This gives bettors and oddsmakers almost no time to react to the new information. What this can provide though is an opportunity to have a significant edge on an individual game.

There are a few different ways handicappers can take advantage of the short time frame on information. First, they make sure to have someone in attendance for Summer League. Sometimes the quickest way to get injury information is through being in physical attendance for the game. Seeing that a given player is dressed out and warming up or in street clothes can swing the spread in a game dramatically as even oddsmakers do not have time to react. When Sports Analytics is in the crowd and sees roster information that could impact the game they pounce and help their clients win.

Outside of attending games Sports Analytics 24/7 scours through any piece of media they can find searching for any hint of information that could impact the game that day. As teams do not keep injury information up to date during the Summer League sometimes new information can come from nontraditional sources and finding these sources requires hard work and constant attention. They must constantly be checking social media and internet outlets trying to find reliable sources of information who might give them an edge even if it just in one game. At the end of the day Sports Analytics does what it takes, no matter the time involved, to find the best possible edge for their client.

With these edges has come big time results for their clients. Sports Analytics 24/7 has posted a winning record in each of the last three summer leagues and being five games over 500 this year they are well on their way to year number four. Not to mention as the Summer League has progressed their winning percentage further proof that as summer league has moved on and they have continued to cultivate ways to find information their edge has only increased. Sports Analytics 24/7 is showing again that there is value to be found in areas where others only see problems.


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