Sports Media 101 is a network focused on helping sports bloggers expand the reach of their content and brand. As a Sports Media 101 publishing partner, your blog’s articles will be placed into our network’s content distribution system, creating exposure to our large organic and social audience.

We fully attribute all content to original author with a link back to the original post.  There are no fees to join the network and you can opt out of the partnership at any time. After a simple setup process, the ongoing distribution of your content is completely automated and requires no additional time commitment.

Our value-proposition to bloggers is three-fold:

  • Increased passive income through our revenue share program
  • Increased inbound links to improve your site’s SEO and authority
  • Increased exposure for your site to a new audience

Interested in learning more?  Please fill out the form below. Upon approval, you will get a full guide to our program including specifics for our revenue sharing model.

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