Italy is a stunning country because the country has beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful architecture, pristine beaches, unique historical artefacts, friendly locals and delicious food.

Italy is also a popular haven for tourists because of its famous tourist attraction sites. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Italy is the fifth most visited nation in international tourism arrivals. In addition, in 2019, the tourism presence in Italy totaled 436 million people, which included 220 million non-residents and 216 million residents.

Therefore, if you plan to visit this popular country which is visited by millions of tourists annually, you should consider doing the following productive activities in the country;

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Drift through Venice in a Gondola

You can drift along a canal in Venice in a Gondola with your lover, friends or family members as you enjoy the picturesque views of the city. All you have to do is find a gondolier along the Grand Canal near the Doge’s Palace or at Rialto Bridge. The gondoliers are easily noticeable with their straw hats and striped shirts on bridges and canals in the city.

In addition, since the prices for riding the gondolas are set, you should converse with the gondolier and agree on the price, route and length of the ride before you board the gondola.

View the Uffizi art gallery

If you love art, you should visit Uffizi gallery, which is one of the most famous art galleries worldwide. The museum has works of famous Italian artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and Raphael, which are displayed in the Palazzo degli Uffizi.

Cook perfect pasta in Florence

Perfect pasta is the most famous culinary specialty in Italy and if you love to cook, you can learn how to make it. Florence has a couple of cooking classes, which are combined with a tour of the food shops and markets by a local who knows all the best spots.

Some of the cooking classes are taught in a local family home while others are courses which entail a wide range of Florentine dishes, including perfect pasta.

Visit ancient Rome

You can visit the Colosseum, which are the ruins of a huge amphitheatre that had the capacity of over 50,000 spectators. Violent gladiator matches used to be showcased in the amphitheatre to entertain the crowds.

You can get an in-depth tour in the passages, maze of tunnels and cells under the arena floor. Furthermore, you can tour the arena floor to get a gladiator view and the upper tiers to get a spectator view.


When you are in Italy, you can visit some of the most beautiful places and do productive activities like; learning to make perfect pasta, visiting the colosseum, viewing the art in Uffizi gallery, riding through Venice in a gondola and playing casino games to unwind and relax after an adventurous day.