Singapore is a city-state located in Southeast Asia. It’s an archipelago with a main island and 63 smaller islands in the Malay Peninsula’s southern part. Singapore has over 5 million inhabitants who find sports as entertainment like no other place on the continent. Explore the most popular sports in Singapore.


As in many parts of the world, soccer is by far the most popular sport in Singapore. Soccer is the national sport of Singapore, even though the national team ranks low worldwide. Still, local clubs are doing great as experienced coaches train them. The government has recognized soccer as a professional league, and the men’s and women’s national teams compete in international tournaments against other countries. You can also find regional soccer clubs.


The second most popular sport in Singapore is baseball. Baseball and softball have numerous fans all over the city-state. The Singapore Baseball and Softball Association manages the sport. You can find countless local teams divided into gender and age groups. The national baseball team competes in Asia and other parts of the world. Most people in Singapore play baseball on weekends, and some schools and colleges have their teams. Some famous players are Robin Jennings, Josh Nam, Bart West, and Max West.


Golf is the third most popular sport in Singapore. Golf usually ranks last in most countries, but Singapore is different. There are 80,000 golfers registered in the country who play on private and public golf courses. Still, the sport isn’t open to everyone like the other public sports mentioned above. Singaporeans enjoy this sport with their families at the end of the week.


Basketball takes the fourth position as a popular sport in Singapore. The men’s and women’s national teams are the best in the region, winning three bronze medals at the South East Asian Games in 1979, 2013, and 2015. They obtained awards in the ASEAN Basketball Championships in 2001 and 2013. It’s considered a recreational sport with lots of support from young people. There are 2,000 licensed basketball players in Singapore.


Most schools and institutions have volleyball teams, and Singapore has a national team for men and women. The sport’s governing body in Singapore is the Volleyball Association of Singapore, established in 1961. Some famous players are Chua Hong Yao Kelvin, Fu Hao Rong, Lee Teck Kai Edwin, and Cheah Wei Jie Avan.

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