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Author: Tom Flannery

What can MLS owners learn from their European counterparts?

Since being founded in 1993 as part of the USA’s 1994 World Cup bid, Major League Soccer has really taken off. That has been especially true in recent years with more investment into the franchise from top former players. When David Beckham and Didier Drogba begin to get involved, you know things are on the up! Currently the MLS is seeing record attendances at games, increased sponsorship deals and more media attention than ever. Of course, the major players at the heart of this are the owners of each MLS team. As with club owners in Europe, they are...

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4 Factors to Consider For Your Next Pair of Soccer Cleats

There was a day and age when soccer cleats were simple and easy. Technology hadn’t entered the game of soccer yet, and cleats were nothing more than a shoe with studs attached to the bottom. Nowadays, as the game has modernized, the shoes that players wear have followed suits. We share four key things you need to evaluate when you pick up your next pair of soccer cleats. Insole The insole of a soccer cleat is the part that your foot rests on. Once your foot is inside the cleat, this is the primary driver of comfort, and plays...

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Biggest NFL Bets ever

The Super Bowl betting is one of the biggest sporting spectacles and the biggest gambling action in the USA. Bets placed on this event beat all records. The Super Bowl betting is one of the biggest sporting spectacles and the biggest gambling action in the USA. Bets placed on this event beat all records. The total amount bet on the Super Bowl according to the official betting statistics since 1991 is $2.4 billion. Here are the top biggest amounts mentioned in the public information space. The fever of top bets started in 1988-89 season, when a casino owner Bob...

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Oakland A’s New Stadium

The Oakland Athletics have received permission to build their new stadium. The process of the build is going to take quite some time though, the new stadium won’t be ready until at least 2023. The Port of Oakland commissioners agreed on May 13th, 2019 to give the Oakland Athletics four years to prepare an environmental impact report, which needs to detail what the team wish to do with the potential building site at Howard Terminal. The proposed plans are still yet to be approved by the state and the City Council. The team also need to secure the purchase...

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Arsenal v Chelsea: Five memorable clashes

When you think of English football rivalries, not many come bigger than Arsenal and Chelsea. The Londoners are set to face off in the UEFA Europa League final on 29th May and the game promises to be a classic. Over the years, fixtures between the two sides often generate a whole host of controversies and talking points, and it’ll hardly be a surprise to see this trend extend in Baku’s Olympic Stadium. The Azerbaijani capital is hosting this year’s finale, with the UEFA Europa League odds on Betfair pitting Chelsea as the slight favourites currently. From Arsenal’s perspective, a...

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Online Casio Edifice Watches Collection

Casio started to produce watches in 1974 and before it was famous due to the manufacturing of cameras, calculators, and computers since 1946. It is Japanese based biggest Electronic giants which headquarter in Tokyo. Casio edifice is the world’s famous and well-reputed watch model which is famous everywhere in the world. High-performance metal analogue and a sporty style, this watch model has become the world’s famous watch brand in the world. Through a fusion of dynamic design with advanced features, Casio has become in top trend watch list since from its origin. Watch finders; always found the quality watches...

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How to Buy Cheap Planar Magnetic Headphone from the Best Head Phone Brands

Are you in search of quality headphones? There are many useful resources which can help you to sort out best branded headphones which have lots of attractive features to meet the expectations level of the interested clients to use the best head phone to watch videos and to listen audios of any type. With digital sound lyrics and with best sound quality, Planar Magnetic Head Phone has become people number one choice around the world. The sound quality and the base of this device is awesome which greatly influences on listens and show their more interests to use this...

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