The New York Yankees are an American baseball team that is best known for its most World Series winnings of all time. Build on merit, the Yankees imply so much more than the joint aspect of athletic talent combined any given period on the game day. When you go for their game, you are not only getting a seat to enjoy a single ball game; you are also getting a ticket to a memorial shrine of the most celebrated team in the history of American sport.

Even though fans need something new and fresh now and then, the Yankees have merely changed their classic jersey since the team started in 1903. Some players, fans, and uniform critics have criticized the New York Yankees for their persistent commitment to business-like mentality and tradition. However, the Yankees maintain the “if there is nothing wrong with it, don’t fix it” principle.

The net worth of the Yankees is about $3.2 billion, which is among the highest valuations of any American sports foundation. The team keeps winning and is still based in New York. They currently have 27 championships, which means they make a lot of money. The Yankees Jerseys maintain their look to remind people who the Yankees are and why they pay to watch the team play.

Deceitful Information about the Yankees Jerseys

To fill the gap of news surrounding the on-field uniform of the team, there are several legends and rumors surrounding the Yankees Jersey.

The most famous rumor is that the Yankees were the first team in a major baseball league to wear jersey numbers. Other replications of the rumor state that the Yankees were the first one to wear the number on the back of the uniform. Both of them are not true.

Other fictional stories include the endorsement of the pinstripes to slenderize Babe Ruth, the fictitious machine that could crush baseballs. However, the Yankees first wore pinstripes in the year 1912 which was seven years before they acquired Babe Ruth from the Red Sox.

Minor Changes over the Years

  • 1903 – The uniforms had an elaborate non-interlocking “NY” on the chest. The buttons and collar went beyond the midriff, but they were not exceeding to the whole shirt.
  • 1905 – An interlocking “NY” was first used and later abandoned after one season.
  • 1912 – The interlocking “NY” logo moved from the sleeves of the jersey to the front of the uniform.
  • 1915 – The pinstripes on the uniform return.
  • 1917 – The interlocking “NY” disappears.
  • 1927 – The NEW YORK was replaced with YANKEES for three years.
  • 1936 – All home games’ jersey had the interlocking “NY” logo, and that is the design that remains till today.

So, will the New York Yankees ever change their pinstripes jerseys? Not soon. The brand of the team and their unchanging uniform will always be linked with winning, and fans love to love winners back. Furthermore, Yankees Jerseys will never go out of style.