From all the greatest golfers in history, England has produced at least 19 male professional championship winners, third behind the United States and Scotland. Moreover, 3 English women have won the majors. Considering that golf in Britain dates back to the 17th century, it is no wonder than many of the players in our list come from the British Isles. According to SUPPLEMENTNATION, these are the ten greatest golfers in history (both from Britain and the United States):

  1. Nick Faldo

This British golfer won 12 European Tours, including three British PGA Championships, for a total of 41 professional wins. He was the number 1 player in the world for at least 97 weeks. Plus, he played through 11 Ryder Cups and made 25 points. In 1997, he was included in the World Golf Hall of fame. And in 2009 the Queen herself knighted him.

  1. Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is perhaps the most underrated English golfer, but he is actually one of the best ever. He was born in Cornwall, England but he moved to the USA to pursue a career as a professional golfer. He was only 20 years old when he won his first PGA Championship in 1916. Then again in 1919 he won once more time. In addition to many major titles, he was included in the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1989.

  1. John Henry Taylor

Taylor won five Open Championships: in 1894 and 1895, then again in 1900, 1909, and 1913. Plus, he was in the top ten in the open from 1893 to 1925. Taylor was part of the “Big Three”, together with Harry Vardon and James Braid. As an orphan he grew up in the house of Horace Hutchinson, a golf instructor who ended up training him. He won 18 professional titles and join the others in the Hall of Fame in 1975. 

  1. Laura Davies

Davies has had an amazing career. She won 88 professional victories around the world, her first being in Belgium in 1985. Moreover, she won four championships and played on the Solheim Cup teams 12 times. Davies made it to the Hall of Fame in 2014 and was made a DBE (a Dame Commander of the British Army, higher than Faldo’s rank as a knight) in 2014.

  1. Henry Cotton

The late Henry Cotton was one of the greatest of all times. He won the Open Championship three times: 1934, 1937, and 1948 and more than 37 professional wins around Europe. His career lasted 30 years! In 1980 he was also placed in the Hall of Fame and he was knighted in 1987, just a few days before he tragically died.

  1. Tony Jacklin

Jacklin became famous for being the first English golfer to win the Open Championship in 18 years. A year later, he won the US Open trophy.

  1. Joyce Wethered

It is rare to find a female golfer in such a list, especially since she played in the 1920s and 1930s. She was Roger Wethered’ s sister (another British golf champion). Joyce won the Ladies’ British Cup five times. She entered the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1975.

  1. Ben Hogan

This American golf player was the second person ever to win the professional Grand Slam. Plus, he won nine championships overall. Regardless of the statistics, he is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. He could have won many more titles but his career was disrupted by World War II and a car crash in 1949.

  1. Tiger Woods

Perhaps the most famous and advertised golfer of all times, Woods is usually involved in scandals. He currently holds the record for more majors won over his career. All in all, he has won 15 major titles. Jack Nicklaus has always been Woods’ greatest adversary. He is 43 years now but he still winning every game.

  1. Jack Nicklaus

“The Bear” is the number one golfer ever: he won 18 major titles and, all in all, he’s got 73 official OGA titles. He was won so many times that no other player has been able to beat him.

Certainly, it’s not easy to choose the best golf players. Some became famous for the titles they have won, whereas other benefited from advertisement, too. If you wish to follow their steps and become a professional golfer, you need to start training right away.