You may be a real amateur champion or just someone, who loves spending weekends on the golf course, one thing can be said for sure – the equipment you choose has a direct impact on your performance!

The goal of this article is to help all novice players, as well as those who have been golfing for quite a while, to pick the best golf clubs with less time and effort!

Basic Rules For Buying The Perfect Gear

Due to a large number of options, picking the right gear can be quite overwhelming. However, only until you learn what to look for in your ideal club! That’s what our article is good for.

Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or beginner, there is a standard set of rules to consider when making a choice:

  • Don’t rush into it – a vast variety of options can confuse anyone. Thus, it is important to take your time and make a weighted decision. Choosing a perfect golf gear is not the time for being spontaneous!
  • Pay attention to the brand – but don’t focus only on this factor. Of course, companies like Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, and others are called industry leaders for quite a few reasons. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no worthy options offered by less famous brands!
  • Pick the right shaft – consider your constitution and strength to choose a perfect shaft. We recommend beginners to test different models in order to find an optimal solution.
  • Pay attention to the thickness of grip – this factor has a huge impact on the swing, so you want to ensure that grip thickness of the chosen club suits you!
  • Clubhead matters – chances are that you will need clubs with different clubheads when you are on the course. The size mostly depends on the player’s skill level. This is one more thing to consider when making a choice.
  • Choose the right type of club – there are more forgiving, game-improvement clubs for beginners, as well as options for experienced golfers that offer more control.
  • Pay attention to the loft – the last, but not less essential factor is the loft angle. Make sure you consider it as well!

What Are The Best Brands To Opt For?

As was said earlier, the brand of your clubs shouldn’t be the main decisive factor. However, if you would like to have an idea of what brands are considered the best, here is a complete list of top //// companies:

  1. Callaway – this brand is known for producing award-winning products for golfers of all levels. There are many fans of the company among both pros and amateurs. Their clubs are known for delivering excellent performance and value.
  2. TaylorMade – this is not a less popular brand among golfers. Clubs offered by this manufacturer take over the hearts of golfers thanks to their neat design, forgiveness, and decent distance.
  3. Titleist – according to numerous golf portals, the equipment produced by this company is worth the highest ratings. The brand offers quite a wide range of models suitable for players of different levels.
  4. Ping – look at any Ping golf clubs review, and you will see that many golfers love this brand thanks to the high versatility, innovational technology, and unique designs of their products. This brand would be a smart pick regardless of your needs!
  5. Mizuno – this brand has been around for quite a while and earned the loyalty of many pro golfers. Besides, beginners also love the clubs they produce because they have numerously won awards for being the best game-improvement irons!