Golfing is in most cases perceived as a sport for old people. However, it is good to know that if the most expensive games are put in a list, golf would never miss the top five. Recognized as the laziest sport of all times; you need to know that being a golfer is more than hitting the golf ball to enter the hole. Before you can adequately package yourself as a professional golf player, there are certain things that you must know about this game. These are according to some of the greatest golfers who have ever existed.

Golf shoes are special

Although you are not going to do any running or kicking the ball, it is essential to know that you can only play golf with golf shoes. In most cases, these shoes cost a good fortune, but the good thing is, they are worth it. Golf shoes are almost similar to soccer or rugby shoes, but the only difference is that their turds are quite exposed and pointy.

The reason why you need these shoes is that they will improve your stability and make your swings more accurate. There are so many companies today that manufacture quality golf shoes that will ensure your comfort with every stroke. For convenience, you should go for shoes that are comfortable to wear on and off course.

You need to have a cap always

Caps are seen on every professional golfer’s head. Not because it finishes the golfing outfit but because you need to protect your eyes from the sun. Remember that the golf ball is tiny so is the hole. Without the cap, you will be allowing maximum light from the sun to fall on your face reducing the size of the pupil hence limiting you from seeing clearly.

Also, the sun is an enemy of vision because you will need to squeeze your eyes so hard before you can be able to see clearly. With a cape on, the sun should be the least of your problems. Keeping up with the latest in the game is also important and the good thing is that you can watch golf channel outside the USA.

What to wear on the course

Since golf is a prestigious game, it is crucial that you look like a golfer each time you are taking swings at the ball. Golf sports ware is readily available because they are being produced by even the big names in the sportswear industry like Puma and Addidas.

When choosing your golfing clothes, you have to make sure that you consider comfort the first thing. Remember that with golf, you might have to spend hours on the sun; hence you need clothes that will allow air to circulate easily. You also want to make sure that you pick the right color so that you are always at your best when swinging.


One mistake that most aspiring golfers do is that they think that golf can be played anywhere anyhow. Remember that even the equipment needed for playing golf does not allow you to play this game wherever you want. When buying your golfing equipment like a golf bags, always make sure that you are dealing with a genuine dealer. Counterfeit products are out there, and they usually have a way of bringing out your worst because they didn’t fit the required standards.