In the entire list of golf gears, tees are an important component which many of the newbie players never heed. For some of the players, Golf Tees doesn’t have any difference in terms of striking distance and its accuracy. However, for many others, it plays a vital role which let them think twice before buying the perfect tees for their game.

For you, we are sharing some buying tips that will help you find the right and best-suited tees for your next game.

Before we move ahead, you should know two important rules related to the tees. The first rule states that you can’t use the tees more than 4 inches in length. The second rule states that you can only keep the tee within the golf tee box. If you neglect these rules, your strike will be considered as a fowl. Let’s talk about the points to consider while buying tees for golf.

No of Prongs: The number of prongs plays a vital role in converting your strikes into victory. Most people consider buying 3 pronged tees which gives less friction to the ball but you compromise with the balance which is important at the time of striking. So, you are always recommended to opt for 4 or 5 prongs.

Material of Tees: Tees are made of different materials including wood and plastic. Wood tees are used by the professionals, but it is never suggested to the beginners. The beginners will hit the ball and the tee equally, that will cause wear and tear to the wooden tees, resulting in frequent damages. That’s why beginners are always suggested to go with plastic tees which can be later migrated to wooden tees.

Check Base: The tees are also available with different types of base. Some of them have a sturdy base which some have a smooth base. During the practice sessions, most of you use a simulator mat where sturdy tees will be effective.

These are the tips that will work for you. Furthermore, there are some tips that you should consider while caring for your tees:

  • Always consider the tees marker that will help you better hold your position and take the right strike.
  • Remember that when you want to take long-distance, keeping the tee at height is the key.
  • Consider having the tee dispenser which can help you better keep the tees in a managed way.

Before you start searching for the right tee, it’s important to know why you need a tee in golf. The tees are an essential part of golf as it keeps the ball in the air and gives a better position for the strike. It also protects the ball from getting moisture through the grass and helps you in getting the right distance on the golf course.

If you read these points thoroughly and consider them in your buying process, it will be easy to own the best tees for your game. These tips are highly beneficial to deliver you sturdy and stable tees which need proper research ahead of purchase.