Gambling can be hectic and when a hobby starts to take a toll on you, it is probably better to take a step back and allow yourself some time before you begin playing again. The solution to this problem comes in the form of “self-exclusion” which has gained popularity in recent years. Read on as we take a closer look at what makes this an attractive option for people wanting to distance themselves from gambling for a select period.

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What is Self-Exclusion?

Self-Exclusion is a way to stop gambling for a certain amount of time. The time you choose to do it and the method you use to attain self-exclusion can vary greatly depending on you and your preferences. Self-Exclusion allows you to step away from gambling for periods ranging from half a year to five years or more, and begin playing again when you need to. According to laws all over the world, licensed casinos are bound to provide this option to all players.

How to Self-Exclude From Casinos?

You can self-exclude from casinos using a wide range of methods available at your disposal. Some of these methods with their countries of application are mentioned below.

1. GamStop

GamStop is a service that charges zero fees for self-exclusion. The service allows users to register with their personal information and performs a thorough verification before offering them the option to take a break from gambling. This “game pause” works for all licensed casinos that have registered with GamStop. Once you have activated your game break, it will automatically apply to all licensed casinos within the country, and you will not be required to interact with individual casinos to pause your accounts. GamStop is free of cost and only available in the United Kingdom.

2. GamBan

Like GamStop, GamBan is also a service that allows you to pause your gambling activities. However, GamBan installs on your Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device and blocks access to all gambling sites and online casino services. GamBan charges £25 per annum for its services and provides the users an option for a free two-week trial to test drive the software. As with all software, there might be some technical issues here and there. Reports suggest that GamBan is not very efficient at restricting access to non-UK gambling sites and casinos. It is only available in the United Kingdom.

3. GamCheck

This online directory of casinos enlists all the available licensed casinos aside from providing services related to assistance with problem-gambling and self-exclusion and to some extent, financial rehabilitation. This service is also available only in the United Kingdom.

4. NetNanny

NetNanny is a service that can block access to a specified list of websites that may or may not be related to gambling. While the actual purpose of this software is to block access to age-restricted content on your computer if your children are using it, this can function very well when it comes to self-exclusion for gambling and casino sites. The major drawback of this service is the high yearly cost. This service is available globally.

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