eSports or electronic sports have gained much popularity in recent months as other sports betting markets take a downward turn due to Coronavirus. For those new to the world of eSports, this is competitive video gaming, which allows gamblers to place wagers and make money from tournaments or eSports events. This field of betting offers a rich variety of gambling options for online gamers who have taken time to learn a few betting tricks.

Some of the popular eSports genres include Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), League of Legends, First Person Shooter games (FPS), Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), Real-time Strategy games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and many others!

For years the debate went on whether eSports is a really a sport or not but it seems as if the pandemic put an end to that discussion. When traditional sports betting suffered from the lockdown and closure of sporting events across the globe, eSports digital events continued as if nothing had changed. No wonder, eSports betting became more popular than ever. It’s not too late to join the fun but if you hardly know what eSports is then you will need some help. Our “101 betting guide” will help you adapt to the exciting world of eSports in no time.

101 – eSports Betting Markets

Outrights and Moneyline are the most popular betting markets for both virtual and physical games. Moneyline wagers are straightforward, as they require you to predict who wins an individual game. The split is a feature in the Moneyline betting market that captures the difference in odds between the two competing teams. On the other hand, outright wagers differ from moneyline as they predict the outcome of the entire tournament or league as opposed to betting on a single game. The long-term nature of outrights earns this type of bets the title ‘future markets’ and usually have a huge cash reward.

Handicap and Totals wagers. Handicap is the enhanced form of money lines as it involves choosing a winner from an individual game but combining it with a handicap option. Combining a straight bet with another odd increases the total betting odds thus resulting in a better payout. For totals, a gambler predicts if the numbers for specific games in a tournament fall below or above a certain limit.

In-game betting on eSports is a style of betting that takes advantage of the fluctuating live betting lines as the game develops. This is a strategic style of betting that many miss out on. Sports betting is always unpredictable and can go against expectations due to a couple of factors that change the momentum of the game. In-play betting helps you adapt your wager to the changes during the game. These types of bets require a good internet connection and ability to make fast decisions to capture odds when they are at their highest.        

101 Top Tips   

You do not want to fly blind in the adrenaline-pumping online world of eSports. The idea is to build consistency in how you bet to keep the profits accumulating. To achieve this, you have to muster patience and be willing to learn first before staking money. The first step is gathering knowledge on the current eSports gaming landscape of where you live. Team Australia and Legion Gaming are among the best eSport teams in Australia. If you live in the UK, check out Fnatic and Team Dignitas. South Korea has made itself a name on the eSports map as home to “Faker” and “Bang”, two of the best ranking eSports players in the world.

This knowledge will be invaluable when making gambling decisions. Multiple eSports tournaments are organized around the year;

ELEAGUE, Major League Gaming, The International Dota2 Championships, League of Legends World Championships, World Electronic Sports Games, Call of Duty Championship, World Championship Series, Evolution Championship Series and many others! Do a background research on players participating in such events and review their gaming statistics to know who stands a better chance of winning. Staying updated to a team’s current form makes all the difference between winning and losing bets.

Look at the motivating factors behind every game. Some strong teams will go easy in some competitions if they have already qualified for the next round. Always gauge what is at stake for every competition. The first law to eSports betting is strong connectivity. Following virtual games happening in real-time and monitoring in-play betting odds works better if there is no delay with your connection. Such delay will cost you high winning margins as live odds change fast. If you desire to make the most out of eSports events, you have to invest in a strong and reliable internet connection.

Read into the direction that betting markets are taking. When you study the progression curve of betting odds you will see a distinctive pattern. For experienced eSports gamblers, they will tell you to pay attention in the closing minutes. It is not unheard of for games to change their favorites overnight before specific events kick off. Anyone who wants to make money out of betting on eSports must keep checking social media accounts of participating gamers, monitor tournament permutations, and follow up on information on database websites. With the information gathered from these sources and the ability to react promptly ultimately leads to profitable gambling on eSports.