In light of the recently enforced regulations banning the use of all credit cards for gambling online and in-person, there has been an increased need for secure payment methods that can work for gambling purposes without compromising on your hard-earned money and delivering a safe transaction experience every time you decide to play.

Read on as we take a look at some of the most secure and well-reputed payment providers that do not involve any credit cards or violations of the law. Online transactions may be subject to a higher fee and more strict regulations but it does not mean that you cannot play safely. We have compiled a list of more payment methods here that you can use to your advantage.

1. PayPal 

PayPal has established itself as one of the most important forms of e-wallets and online payment providers in recent years. PayPal offers secure end-to-end encryption for all transactions with a detailed record of all monetary activities related to your account. Some casinos may even offer you an initiating grant when you choose to pay with PayPal. The major drawback of using PayPal as a payment method is the higher fee charged per transaction as compared to some of the cheaper alternatives in the market.

2. Skrill

Another option for a secure e-wallet is Skrill, which is quickly rising as a viable payment method for online gambling. Skrill offers a similar level of protection and some bonuses when you choose to use it as your payment method. Skrill charges a lesser fee per transaction as compared to PayPal and there is an optional Skrill Prepaid Mastercard which can be used to translate your virtual winnings into real-time commodities.

3. Neteller

Neteller is another good option to consider if you’re looking for a secure e-wallet with prompt transactions and security for refunds and disputes. This British online service has zero transaction fees and offers services for over 20 currencies, accommodating a wide range of potential customers.

4. Bitcoin

Aside from the e-wallets, cryptocurrency is a decent method of payment if you want encryption. Even though the service is super fast and reliable, the major drawback is the inability to charge-back if a transaction goes south. A major plus for crypto is that you can trace the origins and tracks of the currency you currently have and also have the security of keeping your identity anonymous in the chain of users. A few starting transactions may be offered free of cost but the others are usually charged a small fee per transaction.

5. Mobile Carrier Bills

You can also choose to pay using your mobile carrier bill. This feature is offered by fewer casinos but it presents a good option if you want to charge your mobile phone on the go and pay using the prepaid top-ups. Your information remains entirely secure and you don’t have to compromise on your peace of mind.

6. InstaBill

This service allows you to pay promptly via a service that sees multitudes of high-risk clients and payments and keeps your data safe and secure during and after transactions.

Credit Cards might have been banned from being used for gambling, but this does mean that you should give the hobby up. The payment methods mentioned in this article are the best alternatives to bank credit or debit card that will work without violating any rules and regulations which have been set in place against credit cards to curb compulsive gambling.

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