It’s pretty apparent that the online gambling and online betting industries are expanding on a rapid note. The reasons for such expansion are numerous. First of all, betting or gambling online is an excellent way to spend some leisure time spiced with fun and excitement. Second, betting and gambling online can offer you numerous prizes if you’re in luck or if you become a professional gambler/bettor. 

In line with this growing interest in sports betting online, more people are visiting March Madness betting odds to review the guide on betting, betting lines, and best betting odds. Aside from people’s interest in becoming more professional when it comes to betting online, people have also shown interest in the option of depositing cryptocurrencies instead of real money for online betting. 

The rest of the text will focus on why betting on sports with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more, are somewhat of a new trend in 2022.  

Top six reasons betting with crypto on sports is growing in popularity

Undoubtedly, the greatest convenience investors in cryptocurrencies find appealing when it comes to betting on sports online with crypto is that they can deposit digital currencies instead of real cash to bet on their favorite sports. Some bettors choose Bitcoin as their primary digital currency, while others resort to Bitcoin Cash, Litecion, or Ethereum, as most betting websites accept them all. 

However, other key benefits come along with crypto online betting. These benefits are the main reasons why betting with crypto on sports is becoming so increasingly popular in 2022. Let’s explore the six most prominent ones:

  1. Betting with crypto online is available on user-friendly platforms;
  2. Betting with crypto online is available on all smartphone devices, and you can bet with crypto on the go;
  3. Betting with crypto comes with a variety of online bonuses you can claim, as well as a set of promotions on betting websites;
  4. Betting with crypto online is completely safe and secure, and online betting platforms that accept crypto are protected with encryption protocols such as Secure Socket Layer encryption and End-to-End encryption with which users/bettors feel safe with such security and confidentiality;
  5. With crypto, you can bet on any sport you choose, e.g., horse racing, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, etc.