Sport is movement, and movement is life. Speaking of sports, only few people would think that India is one of the most athletic countries in the world. Strange, isn’t it?

Let’s imagine what we associate India with? India is full of spices, crowds of tourists, centuries-old traditions, dancing and of course Bollywood. But definitely not sports! in fact, this is not the case. Sports in India are very well developed and popularized. And sports are great friends with passion! So why not capitalize on your excitement? Along with sports, various bookmakers, in particular 1xbet, are flourishing in India.

Today we will talk about the most popular sports in India, as well as how to use 1xBet to make good money on them.

Top 5 of the most popular sports in India


It is not surprising that the first place in popularity is occupied by football. By the way, on the 1xbet site, it also ranks first in the number of “winning” bets. But back to football in India.

Everyone plays football, young and old. This is a game for children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly.

By the way, few people know that bookmarking was born in India thanks to football. However, almost 200 years ago, hardly anyone knew this word. But the situation was as follows: before the start of the match, the audience could place bets – copper, silver or gold coins. The most knowledgeable and close to the teams people, of course, knew the possible outcome of the game. The others could only guess. Who’s guessing he won and became rich.

Residents of modern India are much more lucky, because they have access to 1xbet. All analytical information can be obtained on the site from the comfort of your home and thus earn money.

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2. Field hockey

It is one of the oldest and second most popular and unofficial national sports in India. For example, the last field hockey match managed to attract about 50,000 spectators. And in the 20s of the last century, India was a medalist of the Olympic games in field hockey.

By the way, if you are also a hockey fan and want to earn money, you can easily do it using 1xbet.

3. Boxing

Boxing is a brutal sport, but One of the hottest among bets according to 1xbet. Boxing began to attract the attention of the Indian public in the 1960s. Boxing is a huge amount of money in the prize funds, and accordingly, the bets.

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4. Tennis

Tennis is a fairly new sport for the Indian audience, but it has already won the hearts of thousands of viewers. By the way, this year 1xbet will become the official sponsor of the Wimbledon tennis competition.

5. Racing

Who doesn’t like speed? There are no such people! Motorsport in India is very popular not only among the General audience, but also among those who earn money from it.

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Three kinds of sports that are known only in India

Along with popular world sports, there are also sports in India that known only by native Indians. However, they are also popular for references on 1xbet.

These sports include:

1. Kho Kho

This is a very ancient sport, which is more than 300 years old. The goal of the game is to touch all members of the opposing team. The one who does it faster will win.

2. Kalaripayattu

This is an ancient martial art that originated in Kerala. More than 200 years ago, the rulers of India placed bets on players. The one who won got life and freedom, the loser died. Now everything is easier and bets can be made using 1xbet and you do not need to die at all.

3. Kushti

And again the fight and again the battle to the death of the enemy. It is worth noting that many techniques are allowed in Kushti, which are considered forbidden in many other types of wrestling.

How to make money on sports using 1XBET

At the beginning of the article, we promised to tell you about the hottest sports in India and we did it. And now it’s time to talk about how you can profit from this. Very simple – using  1xbet.

If you’re are fond of of football, you must follow the the latest analytical football news and only after than make your bets. Tennis or field hockey fans – do the same.

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1xbet App is:

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As you can see, no one expected it, but India turned out to be a very sports country, whose residents love 1xbet and are able to earn money with it. It is worth noting that residents of India can place bets on 1xbet not only on events that take place within the country, but also on world events.

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