Do you want to gain muscle and strength at a faster rate? You will need to center your fitness routine on exercises that push your muscles to grow stronger with every rep. Here are the seven best exercises for building muscle and strength.

1. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises for building your upper body strength and bulking. While pull-ups largely target your back muscles, they are equally great for strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles. The best part is that you do not need weights to perform pull-ups. To get better results, you can try out the Herschel Walker workout plan and diet.

2. Squats

In the fitness world, it is a cardinal sin not to include squats in your workout plan. Squats are the king of leg building and are further loved for their body-wide impacts as they work on so many muscle groups at a time. These range from lower back and abdominal muscles to your quadriceps and butt muscles. If you are using heavy weights while squatting, you will need to focus on proper muscle recovery to avoid extreme body soreness and injuries.

3. Deadlifts

One of the best ways to build lean muscle mass is through deadlifting, one of the most revered workouts among bodybuilders. Deadlifts are a great exercise for general body strengthening as they help activate your core and build muscles in your leg, hip, and back. You will further love that there are many variations of deadlifts that you can work into your routine and make it a regular exercise.

4. Bench press

Bench presses are a necessity in your weight-training regimen as they work wonders on your triceps, forearms, chest, and shoulders. It also enhances your upper body push strength and muscle endurance, enabling you to perform other exercises better. Depending on your fitness goals, you can further use different bench press variations to target specific muscle groups.

5. Overhead press

Since the overhead press is done from a standing position, it is a great upper body exercise that keeps your lower body balanced and stable. The basic movements of this exercise make it a classic way of building your muscles and improving your core strength. Overhead presses will also boost your lockout strength, giving you the power to do more with heavier loads of weight.

6. Shoulder press

Shoulder presses help build stronger and leaner shoulders while strengthening your upper back. It is a true staple that every bodybuilder abides by, and there are several variants you can try out to improve your functional strength and body shape. Typically, the standing shoulder press is the hardest variant and is best performed with lighter weights until you get strong enough to go heavy.

7. Dips

If you want a wider chest and bigger triceps, you need to perform dips more frequently. This exercise helps you target these two body parts depending on the angle you take while training. It is best to start this exercise without weights and focus on doing more reps until you have mastered the right motions before advancing to weighted dips.


Building muscle and strength is no walk in the park, and you must be ready to push your body and train effectively without giving up on your goals.