Golf has long been referred to as a classy sport and as such, there is a strict dress code related to it.  While you should look your best, golfing clothes are not something that you should necessarily splurge on. Your main focus should always be on clubs and balls, and then spend whatever is left on golf gloves and clothes. Our best piece of advice is that instead of visiting retail stores, look for offers online. You can visit insport and check out some of the best prices and premium golfing clothes.

Golf clothing (as well as accessories) should be elegant and traditional, with accents of modern. In order to help we’ve come up with a shortlist of tips, tricks and gear to help you go from geek to chic.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Yourself

Go for a combination that will make you feel relaxed while, at the same time, looking good. Even if it doesn’t fit the mainstream standards, if you think there is room for you to pull it off, go for it! Whether it is accenting the earth tones, a brightly colored shirt, or wearing a full-on beige jumpsuit, enjoy it. Just remember to make sure you can still swing your clubs in the outfit.

A Versatile Bag

Every golfer needs a reliable bag to keep their essentials safe and secure. Whether you’re getting a backpack or a tote bag, pick something that has plenty of pockets to help with organization. You may also want to consider a 2-in-1 bag depending on your preference. Color-wise, try two-tone options for subtle stylishness or neutrals like gray or navy for classic elegance.

Don’t Do Denim

Denim is not a common thing on a golf course.  No, khakis are king and seem to do a great job when it comes to your pants. Shorts are acceptable, as long as they are appropriate.  As for shoes, you should invest in proper golf shoes that don’t have metal spikes.


A Smart Caddie or Swing Sensor

If you’re tech-obsessed and looking to continuously improve your game, a smart caddie or a swing sensor is a great idea. These products can help track shots and monitor one’s statistics, among other functions. A swing sensor is particularly valuable in tracking tempo, alignment, impact, and other club data. All of these can help improve a golfer’s overall performance.

The Classic Golf Glove

A golf glove is one of those accessories that isn’t actually necessary but is definitely appreciated. It’s especially helpful for golfers with a loose grip and for preventing calluses and blisters.  You have to keep those hands baby soft, am I right. You may also get specialty gloves for use in humid and cold weather to provide dryness and warmth along with enhanced grip.


Getting The Right Golf Balls

Did you know that golf balls vary in their level of firmness? There are also various materials and different thicknesses used for the cover. All of these factors influence the ball’s trajectory, how the ball will spin, how far it will go, and more. Get a set of pro-level golf balls with urethane covers if you are a serious golfer. For beginners and more casual players, a set of softer golf balls that fly a bit farther would probably be best.  And, if you’re going to be chasing your balls in the roughest of the rough, might we suggest finding something cheap so that you can leave it and just enjoy the game.


While you don’t have to follow dress codes and all the clubhouse rules to the very last principle if you’re looking to get the most enjoyment out of your game it’s really all about the gear and the attitude.  Make sure you have what you need before you go.  If you’re a casual golfer, there’s no point in getting frustrated or upset.  Golf is a skill sport.  It takes time to learn and you’re not going to be crushing it like the professionals anytime soon.  Enjoy yourself.  It’s a game.

For the competitor, attitude is everything.  Keep your head up and realize that one good shot can change the narrative on any hole.

And, regardless of who you are and where you stand in terms of the game of golf… you’re just going to feel better and enjoy the experience more if you don’t stand out like a sore thumb.  Gear up, dress reasonably and enjoy this classic sport.