The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD or cannabidiol, but men and women shouldn’t assume researchers have largely ignored the compound until this point. They have been studying how this substance affects humans for some time now. The FDA, at this time, has approved the use of CBD to treat certain forms of childhood epilepsy, but nothing else. However, research shows individuals may benefit from the use of CBD as a stress and pain reliever, especially when they use the CBD in topical form. Furthermore, Sports Medicine recently published a study showing CBD may help athletes enhance their performance. What do individuals need to know about CBD before deciding whether to use it when engaging in their favorite sport?

What is Cannabidiol?

The cannabis plant contains over 100 compounds, with THC being the one most people know of today. THC and CBD remain closely related, and both offer health and wellness benefits to humans. The major difference between the two compounds lies in the effects seen in humans with their use. THC comes with psychoactive effects, while the effects seen with CBD are more therapeutic. The effects led to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s ban on the use of THC in the sporting world. Individuals interested in details from i49 about these differences should visit the site to learn more.

The Study

Sports Medicine published the study in July 2020. Researchers looked at over 200 trials and studies others conducted on CBD and reached an interesting conclusion. They found the use of CBD led to biochemical, physiological, and psychological effects that could be of benefit to athletes. The United States and other countries across the globe allow the sale of CBD supplements to the public, and manufacturers now make products specifically designed for athletes. For instance, athletes find they may choose an oral supplement to help relieve their anxiety or a topical product to treat a specific area.

Ongoing Research

Scientists continue to look at ways CBD affects the human body. For instance, they looked at clinical trials involving both humans and non-humans. When doing so, they found CBD offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective effects in animals. In addition, it provides anxiety relief to reduce stress, improves sleep quality, and provides relief from digestive discomfort and pain along with inflammation.

Why This is Important

Athletes remain subject to a great deal of stress, both physically and mentally. Using CBD helps to preserve their health, although the effects on their sleep need additional support. Researchers found CBD doesn’t affect thermoregulation or cognitive function, however, and want to know more about how it impacts cardiovascular function, infection, metabolic function, and food intake.

They concluded the positive effects of CBD could be of help to athletes. Playing sports requires a broad skill set, and the use of CBD by athletes could provide biochemical, physiological, and psychological effects that give these men and women an advantage.

This doesn’t mean they have settled the science. Researchers continue to learn more about CBD and athletic performance. Many of the studies reviewed as part of this process lacked a sufficient amount of human testing or only addressed a small section of resources. Other studies contradict the information found by these researchers. However, men and women need to look at what they have learned and determine whether including CBD in their overall training plan would be of benefit. Many athletes discover it will be helpful to them.