The Lakers’ results have been astonishing so far. With 49 wins and 14 losses, Lakers lead the Western Conference and hold the best result after the Milwaukee Bucks in the entire NBA. 

The main driver of this fantastic result has been the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both of them look in great shape, and the coach Frank Vogel made the team more solid defensively. 

However, there are rumors and predictions that Anthony Davis might leave the club at the end of the season even if Lakers manage to win the title and this article will examine the potential of that move.

Davis looking more robust alongside James

A former New Orleans Pelicans player, Davis has always been on the radar of Lebron in the list of players he would be very glad to play alongside. When the move to Lakers materialized, immediately experts viewed Lakers as a favorite to win the championship title. 

Davis has perfect results this season. In 55 games he has managed to amass 26.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks. Not only Davis improved his post moves, but he also enhanced his shooting arsenal. He has become a threat from mid-range and 3-point as well.

As you know, the NBA is the most popular league in the world, and a lot of Canadians watch it too. In particular, there is a big fan base of Lakers’ supporters. No wonder because LeBron James enjoys significant popularity in Canada and the Lakers are historically one of the best teams. Online betting websites also introduced some innovations in betting options because of that and the addition of Anthony Davis was an extra incentive for online casinos to base Canadian casino promotions on Lakers. James and Davis were specifically distinguished as the players for whom casinos offered even more particular betting choices. 

What are the chances of Davis leaving the Lakers?

While Davis looks comfortable on the Lakers, he has never ruled out any possibility of signing for any other team in the NBA. He also hinted at joining Bulls, when he becomes a free agent in summer. We have a clear example from his teammate LeBron James who has switched multiple clubs, including Cleveland and Miami. 

If Lakers manage to get the championship title for the first time since 2010, it seems very unlikely that Anthony Davis leaves the club. He will be more determined to win more championship rings and create his legacy. James is already 35 and slowly goes to the end of his career. This is the moment when Davis must use the assistance of one of the greatest players of all time to win as many titles as possible.

If Lakers do not manage to clinch the championship title, most likely Davis will leave the club. Any team will be pleased to have him on its side. But if the power forward really wants to win the championship, it would be difficult to find any better situation. Not a lot of teams in the NBA have a better duo that James and Davis.