It is weird that betting is still not the most discussed topic related to betting. We mean, this is a huge opportunity and probably the best one when it comes to eSports! Everyone would like to make a profit while having fun, and this is what the eSports world provides! The increasing investment rate tends to be directed towards the organizations involved and other assets, and maybe this should change since the potential of eSports betting needs to be recognized sooner than later. The good thing is that investments help the field’s popularity growth. And let us tell you this: the popularity of eSports will become significantly bigger in the near future.

Online gambling is growing fast, and it is only natural that betting on eSports has already passed the $8 billion-dollar-mark. Such massive wager amount resulted in a huge profit for the industry because of the 7% margin. The total annual wagers could be doubled in the next few years, meaning that the revenue will easily be more than a billion dollars!

The Key Benefits

Betting is not related to any additional costs, and is probably the only thing in the eSports field that will not cost you a dime except for the wager itself. Everything else is related to ownership of assets or different kinds of fees, licenses and franchises. It is also not depended on any patterns or cycles.

Every new title has a life cycle, but it is impossible to be predicted as gamers can switch to something else fast. Betting is also not related to any third parties, which could cost you otherwise. Basically, you can just step in, have a look around, and start making money if you are prepared and keen on doing it.

The Rise of Betting on Esports

It all began back in 2013 when in-game aesthetics were used to substitute casino chips. League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2 are the biggest titles in the gaming industry, so fans started gambling on eSports using skins.

The first gambling sites were not legal, of course, and nobody controlled if the users betting online were above 18 years of age or not. Basically, control was absent and that was an issue. Kids were eager to wager so the whole thing grew quickly and reached a total of $5 billion! The Valve Corporation took matter into their own hands and pretty much out an end to illegal betting sites.

None of the sites became eligible to operate under the eSports regulations overnight, but it was the way to go. The big gambling sites took all the know-how they could get from these unregulated ones and added all the marketing tricks they could throw in to attract users, because they were actually striving to have the same fans who previously used skins. In other words, regulated gambling was born out of the ashes of the unregulated activity known previously. Of course, it was nowhere near the size it reached back in the day, and it still isn’t. This is why the opportunity to reach such heights is still ahead.

Betting on eSports is among the most interesting gambling categories today. The possibilities for placing unique and tailored bets are limitless. There are new types of bets coming up regularly, and the new game titles rise one after another, so no wonder betting is a hot topic right now.

The Multiple Esports Betting Options

The betting options are numerous! There are sportsbooks available and many ways for placing crypto bets or to wager on streamers, as well as other options. Gamblers would gladly wager on an eSports title, but the trick is for the fans to be attracted to gambling as well. People with now experience in wagering need to know what it likes and how they could benefit from it. There is plenty of room for improvement in order for that to happen.

The Endless Opportunities

While online gambling has been around for a couple of decades, it was related to traditional sports. A lot has changed since then in both the mechanism behind wagering and the fans’ habits. When eSports became popular, a new strategy was needed because of the different mindset of younger fans and the intense nature of the new industry. Like any other challenge, this one came with a ton of opportunities and many investors realized that. We have yet to see the realization of eSports betting’s full potential.

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