When setting up and designing a school, there are considerations for playgrounds too. No matter what level of school this is, recreational grounds are an integral part of the institution. At this point, it might become necessary to decide between artificial turf and natural grass too. 

When you are at these crossroads, here are six reasons to prove why installing school artificial turfs will always be the best way to go.

1. Zero Maintenance

Natural turf requires bringing someone in to mow, cut and keep the grass in place. That is nothing to worry about with artificial turf.

Chances are you already picked them at the right size, and they will stay that size for life. This saves all the costs from having to perform regular maintenance and the demerits that could come with not properly tending to natural turf. 

2. Eliminates Grass Stains

Artificial turf grass can get dirty from constant trampling and other dirt, but that can be gotten out by washing through it. The same cannot be said for natural grass which will always inflict grass stains when they are played upon.

That makes artificial turf a great pick for children’s schools where they will want to spend more time on the grass.

3. Removes Shade Concerns

Natural turf can only thrive outside due to its requirement of sunlight. If it will be grown indoors, it would require a very elaborate setup and lots of expensive pieces of equipment. With artificial turf, the grass will stay as lush and beautiful as when you just bought it, even without ever seeing the sun’s rays ever again.

4. Safety

The best artificial grass has been well treated to prevent the growth and spread of germs, helping to keep kids and pets safer when playing on them. Likewise, it is possible to play on these grasses without the fear of being exposed to common agricultural chemicals – ranging from fertilizers to herbicides and pesticides.

That reminds us of the fact that they don’t even need harsh fertilizers to grow since they have been synthetically customized to the ideal proportions – and they stay there for life.

5. Zero drought concerns

Artificial lawns also need water, but not for what you think.

This is to get them rinsed occasionally such that they do not build up dirt and odor. This is not the same with natural turf which requires moisture for growth and survival. Thus, the latter stands a high chance of withering away without water, while artificial turf stays evergreen.

6. Forget Puddling

Installed right, artificial turfs require the rolling and evening out of the ground before they are laid. This puts them on a valley-free surface, eliminating the issues of puddling associated with natural grass. 

Likewise, irrigation channels are often worked into these grasses to enable drainage of water which would have otherwise accumulated on top of the turf.


That said, the best way to enjoy all the benefits of these artificial greens is to choose from a reputable manufacturer. You can find a lot of such quality picks at Excellent Turf which carries diverse options – from those you can use for ordinary school landscape to dedicated purposes like football field laying, tennis lawn installations and much more. Excellent Turf is a member of National Artificial Grass Standard Committee, dedicated to providing artificial turf solution since its inception in 2006. Check out its official website to know more. You don’t want to miss it!