Michael Beasley has provided NBA fans with some entertaining moments on the court as well as a few really interesting thoughts off of it over the years.

And now that he’s a member of the Knicks, we can expect the NY media to ask the right questions to ensure that he delivers even more.

SNY’s Taylor Rooks sure helped that cause, as she invited Beasley on her podcast “Timeout with Taylor Rooks.” Beasley gladly accepted, and shared some thoughts on the human brain, for some reason.

Beasley began by questioning how it’s widely believed that humans only believe 10 percent of their brains. Rooks seemed a bit thrown off by his talking point, but went along with it. The Knicks forward then continued.

“So who was the guy that used 11 to make it OK to say that everybody was using 10? … No because if you’re only using 10 percent of your brain, you don’t even know that you’re using 10 percent of your brain,” Beasley declared.

Those were some half-baked thoughts from a player who used to be very fond of cannabis. It’s unclear if the plant helped him draw some of those conclusions, either recently or in the past. Either way, Beasley is one interesting fellow, and if he’s reading this, TSD would love nothing more than to sit down for an interview.