Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan was the subject of much criticism on Thursday night when he put a late hit on Packers receiver Davante Adams at the end of a play.

It happened late in the third quarter when Adams caught a pass, was eventually wrapped up by a few Bears defenders and was on his way to the ground. Trevathan then came flying in and hit him right in the head — leading with the crown of his helmet in doing so.

Trevathan was flagged for unnecessary roughness, while Adams was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The Bears linebacker was lucky to not have been ejected for his cheap shot, and could end up being suspended if the league chooses to take action.

Twitter users teed off on Trevathan after the play happened, which we can certainly understand, given the nature of the hit. Here are some of the tweets he received.

Someone even pointed out that Trevathan’s Wikipedia page has already received an update.

It will be interesting to hear what explanation Trevathan provides after the game when asked about the hit.