Experts consider parkour a sport, an art, and a science. It consists of all these branches because of the intensity that players engage in while participating in the daredevil activity.

Primarily, parkour involves a lot of jumping of obstacles, trying various heights, and risking one’s wellbeing for the sake of the game.

Therefore, as a trained player, you have to invest in buying the right gear. One of the equipment that you have to purchase includes a pair of parkour shoes.

Just like buying any other shoe, selecting this takes time and precision so that you can land that suits you and the type of gymnastics that you do. Here are five things you should consider when picking the right pair.

   1. Price

Parkour shoes have a budget. You have to lay aside some money for the right shoe. The thing is, some will discourage you from buying new shoes.

Instead of going for old rugged second-hand shoes, always select one that you love. Regardless of whether you order online or buying them in a sale, the shoes should do perform its purpose well.

For those that desire to purchase from a reputable online store, visit to see the right shoes for your needs.

   2. Flexibility

Parkour shoes need to be flexible. You are not going for a dinner date or a walk. Most parkour activities require running.

That means that you will be sweating. Pick a shoe that allows breathability even when things are getting hot inside it.

Besides that, consider the material used to manufacture the shoe. It should allow air to flow in and out continuously.

   3. Sole

Your standard shoe, the one you go with to the office, looks official because of your working environment. That means that the field will be your working environment.

Because you require something that offers that perfect landing, look for a pair that comprises of one sole. It should not have any heel, whatsoever.

Other qualities that the sole should possess include being slim enough so that you can feel the surface.

   4. Grip

After you consider the sole, check the grip. It should not be firm enough. Remember many people injure themselves during training.

We may not see all these scenes on YouTube or any other social media site; Most of us enjoy the beautiful and precise jumps.

Note that one lousy landing is equal to numerous injuries especially if you slip. The grip will also benefit the runner since it promotes durability. Most of the surfaces and heights might be rough.

   5. Weight

Weighted shoes are unfit for landing. Seasonal parkour players usually prefer lightweight shoes. They will often select shoes that fit them completely.

Nonetheless, they should not be super tight. That can cause unnecessary discomfort to your toes, which could affect your jump.

Try walking with them before to find out about their size.


The internet has all the answers you require. Instead of buying shoes blindly, try to read online reviews. Note what people are saying about specific brands.

You could also ask for recommendations from your fellow trainees. Understand that regardless of the price, parkour shoes do not last long especially if you train often.