Danica Patrick may ply her trade on the race track, but she’s also more fit than many NASCAR drivers, and routinely does strenuous workouts that show just how athletic she is.

We can include handstand pushups in that group, for example. Patrick recently posted a video of herself perfectly balancing on her head, while slowly doing five inverted pushups, which is ridiculous.

Here’s the caption that accompanied the post:

Ohhhh how are you ever going to be better at something if you don’t practice!!!!!! I can do kipping handstand push ups against the wall for days, deficit handstand push ups, strict handstand push ups…… but freestanding, not as good at. So today I wanted to get 5 in a row. I did….and then fell out.
Ego is what motivates us because it’s impatient, the soul has forever and is what gives something integrity and authenticity. See, if we only do things to only get attention or make money or be liked, we will never achieve the happiness we seek. If we do things that we truly love, the ego can help motivate us to achieve soulful fulfillment. ✨ today my soul was happy with 5 reps, and an ego check fall.

Maybe Patrick could’ve been a gymnast.