The most common question in racquetball games is that how to choose a racquetball racquet? 

Before we answer you need to know there is many factors to consider like shape of grip, grip itself, grip size, the weight of the racquet, balance of the racquet and the price. 

Choosing the best racquetball racquet is the most important or challenging thing for a player. Cause the right racquetball racquet can change your playing experience completely.  

Choosing the perfect racquet dependent on a number of things which are discussed below:

Determine the Racquet weight

The racquet weight is usually determined by your swing speed. Heavy weight racquets weigh about 185 + grams and generate more power and are durable. These types of racquetball racquet are ideal for slow swing speed and beginners and intermediate players feel comfortable using this racquet.

Medium weight racquets weighs between 170 to 185 grams and is suitable for most players. They have balanced characteristics when it comes to control and power. Light weight racquetball racquet on the other hand weighs between 150 to 165 grams and is ideal for fast swing. If you are a player who has enough power, then this is the ideal racquet for you. However, if you have arm or shoulder injuries then this racquet won’t be best for you.

racquetball racquet buying guide

Determine the balance of the Racquet

Balance is realised when you feel the racquet in your hand before hitting the ball. Head heavy ones usually have a lot of weight at the head of the racquet. This makes the swing weight and speed rise making the power to multiply.

With head light racquets the weight is usually felt at the handle (throat). This feature makes the racquet somehow lighter. They are therefore suitable for frontcourt play. With even balance racquets, the weight is situated in the middle. It helps the player maintain balance of power. Such racquets are therefore suitable for customization.

The Swing weight

Determining swing weight is the most convenient and effective way to compare several racquets if given a chance. Racquets with higher swing weight can possibly generate high power without using a lot of force, speed and stress. It mostly suits players who are learning to control ball. When you use low swing weight racquets, you will experience low momentum. It makes it easy to manage touch shots. Racquets with medium swing (150-160) seem to be what most players would prefer using. They are suitable for all competitive players.


Price is another determining factor when choosing the right racquetball racquet. It is advisable to choose the racquet that falls under the right price but still it is a racquet that delivers good performance when playing.


Brand option

Brand name has been the leading factor when deciding to buy a commodity from any manufacturer. Each commodity is manufactured with different technology but what is important is the quality of the commodity.

Know your grip size

You will acknowledge that purchasing the right racquet with the sizeable grip will make your playing time more memorable and enjoyable. The smaller grip size of 35/8” is suitable for wrist snap which increases power on how your play. 37/8”-315/16” are suitable for individuals with larger hands and grip. Small grip seems to bring injuries to the arm and wrist of players with larger grip sizes.

Know your string as well as grip.

A racquet should have new and effective strings in order to create additional power. The tension should also be higher so as to have more control. A new grip on a racquet  adds durability to the racquet.

That brings us to the end of this article called how to choose a racquetball racquet. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment sections.