Its that time of the year folks! The time when the world is going to be getting into the sports frenzy is quickly approaching, and the closer we get to it, the more of us realize that we don’t have too many places to watch our favourite games on. While a bunch of the baseball leagues and the basketball leagues are not hidden behind large fees, it might be hard to schedule your life around them, and sometimes you just gotta be somewhere and have to skip a game because you can’t Livestream the game where you are for free. Thankfully, you can go online and find pages like Silver Oak that allow you to stream the games online, although that page is a little more dedicated to things other than sports. So, to help you out here is a quick list of the pages where you can watch most of your favourite games for free when you are either on the train or sitting in an office that you don’t really have to be sitting in. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t spend all of your time with these games, ok? 


This is an obvious answer that you have been thinking about since the moment you started reading this article. We don’t blame you, it is also the first place where we usually go looking for what we need. And it is not wrong to do so, after all, ESPN is one of the premier sports channels in the US and they offer a significant number of their programming online for free. So, as per our most usual advise, if you are looking for something as American as the NFL, NHL, and NBA, this is the first place you should be checking out. The network has its own app so that you can watch most of the game through it without any issues. If downloading an app isn’t much of a good idea for you, might as well go ahead and give the phone browser streaming a chance, but this is where the network falters and usually cannot provide anything to good. And the number of games that you can watch for free is limited on the app as well, so, watch out, don’t spend all of the free watching on games that you wouldn’t be watching anyway just so that you can become the meeting room hero when the meeting ends up lasting more than just a couple of hours. 


For those of you who don’t necessarily want to work with the US corporations, there is always the option of working with Laola1, a company that is based outside of Austria. The company live streams as many Basketball and NHL games as it does volleyball and other less popular games. The streams are all free and easy to access (most of the time) and are not region-locked, so even if you are in the US you can get to watching the games without much of an issue. The only thing is that the company is not from the USS, so there might be times when you don’t get what you wanted out of the stream, or the timing of the stream is a little messed up. There are also known issues with the stream glitching, especially if you are connecting to it from a very long distance and not from a local server. But, most of the streams are of high quality and if you are not in the US, looking to watch a US sport, you are in luck, since this website offers you a chance to do so. 


It is not surprising for one of the largest online companies in the world to have dipped their toes in the business of live streaming. At the beginning of the entire live streaming situation, it was usually individuals that were live-streaming a game that was of special interest to them, but nowadays, you can go to some of the more official pages to get the Livestream that you desire. and need in your life. Except, the Facebook live streams are not always of high quality and usually, I would recommend referring to them in times of dire need, when there are no other options available. 


The hub for live streaming of today, Twitch offers all kinds of content to its users, with sports being one of them. Ow, the biggest and most famous sports channels offer live streams on this platform from time to time, as a way of attracting younger audiences to the sports. But, in their quest to do so, they are also providing the occasional opportunity to enjoy a live stream for free, wherever you go. The streams are high quality, you just need a steady and reliable internet connection to make sure that you get a good quality stream, instead of an inadequate one. The age of internet live streaming is upon us guys, so might as well turn on the phone and get to watch your favourite games whenever you are an whenever you want. Just don’t forget to connect to the Wi-Fi.