Now that the Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed in many countries, you will be able to visit some of the top casino hotels in the world again. There are many famous destinations that have casino hotels. Probably the most famous is Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. There is also Macau, China. 

If you are looking for something closer to home then there are five-star casino hotels in London for example. There are also various European destinations that have luxury hotels with casino facilities. Before you book any of these hotels you need to find out if there are any travel restrictions and if the hotel has limited capacity.

  1. St Giles Hotel London England

For those not looking to travel too far afield, the St Giles Hotel in London is ideal for those that like to play the casino. The hotel does not have a casino on the premises but there is one right next door. 

This is a well-located hotel for London’s many attractions such as Oxford Street shopping and theatres. It is one of the most affordable hotels in Central London and you will be stating in complete luxury.

  1. The Bellagio Las Vegas United States

If you want to sample the excitement of Las Vegas then there is no better casino hotel to stay in than the Bellagio. You will experience the kind of luxury that you have only dreamed of. This hotel has won many awards and is a favorite with casino players from around the world.

When you stay at the Bellagio you will have stunning views from your room of Lake Bellagio and more. The in-house casino has many games for your entertainment and the chance to win big.

  1. The Fairmount Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is another famous casino location. The Fairmount is right in the heart of Monaco and features a luxury casino in-house. You will be very close to the Mediterranean Sea and you will enjoy the luxury that this hotel provides.

Everything that you could ever want is available at the Fairmount including shopping, spas and a fitness center. Experience the Monte Carlo casino experience at the Fairmount.

  1. The Grand Hyatt, Nassau, Bahamas

If you want to experience the largest casino available in the Caribbean then you need to stay at the Grand Hyatt. This luxury hotel has absolutely everything including fabulous views and amenities such as spas, shops, exotic foods and more. If you have never been to the Bahamas and like playing the casino then the Grand Hyatt is the perfect place to be.

  1. Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas United States

We are back to Las Vegas with the Aria Resort. The casino here has a wide variety of games for you to enjoy and it has natural lighting which you will appreciate. This hotel also has a night club and other amenities such as restaurants, pools and spas. There are over 4000 rooms available at this five-star hotel.

  1. MGM Macau, China

For many years now, Macau has been the center of the casino world in Asia. It has a strip similar to Las Vegas but it is different in many ways. The MGM in Macau is one of the finest casino hotels that you could choose to stay at. Restaurants at the MGM have the finest cuisine and there are many other amenities to enjoy. You can also explore historic Macau.

Look for the Best Deals

Most five-star casino hotels will have just reopened after the quarantine restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic. You should be able to find some really good deals as they will be desperate for business.

You could save yourself a lot of money and traveling by using online casinos from the comfort of your own home. The best online casinos have a wide selection of casino games available and different payment methods to make things easy for you.