Several athletes stand out not only for their excellent manner of playing, but also for the achievements they were able to achieve during their careers. Most of the world stars played for the clubs of the National Hockey League, the most popular tournament.

Wayne Gretzky

The famous forward played for Edmonton Oilers from 1978 to 1988. Gretzky had a nickname – The Great. Each time he went on the ice, the player proved that he was not called so for nothing. This Canadian athlete received the Art Ross Trophy 10 times as the best striker in the NHL. Also, the player has more than 60 records and many trophies, including the Stanley Cup;

Dominik Hašek

The goalkeeper, who stood out for his non-standard way of playing – he preferred to lie down. He played for various NHL clubs, including Detroit Red Wings. Hašek could neutralize the most dangerous throws at the gates due to his unique manner. He almost never used a club, preferring to catch or repel pucks with a glove. As a result, the goalkeeper has many “dry” matches in which he was able to leave his gate intact.

Jaromír Jágr

Jágr was the best hockey player in the world in the late 90’s – in those years of Chechomania, he was the best striker in the league for four consecutive years and won a historical gold in Nagano. XXI century before leaving for Omsk was, to put it mildly, rotten – only one truly star season in New York. Before him – a very strange exchange in “Washington” for three know-hows, which together did not play even a half and a half matches in the NHL, a few gray seasons in the capital, an exchange in New York with a gradual regression and increasing criticism.

Viacheslav Fetisov Bio

Fetisov was already one of the most decorated players in hockey history before coming to the NHL with the New Jersey Devils in 1989.

The Moscow native was regarded by many as the best defenseman in the world for much of the 1980s. He helped the Soviet Union win the gold medal at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and again at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, finish first seven times at the IIHF World Championship, and win the Canada Cup in 1981. Fetisov was also named player of the year two times in the Soviet Union while playing for the Central Red Army from 1976-77 through 1988-89, winning the Soviet Championship League title in all 13 seasons. 

Another great day in support of the planet took place symbolically on the ice in Monaco in the Prince Rainier III Stade Nautique ice rink at the port. It is a subject that is dear to the heart of Russian hockey legend Slava Fetisov and he is committed to convincing people around the world to rally around and fight to make the right decisions to save the planet

Sidney Crosby

This center forward is one of the most popular hockey players in the world. Since 2005, Crosby has been playing for the team “Pittsburgh Penguins” – and during this period he was able to win many trophies, as well as to mark several records. The player has repeatedly been among the best snipers in the NHL. The list of his trophies includes Stanley Cup, Olympic medals, as well as the World Cup. With his outstanding game Crosby has long ago “booked” a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame;

Valery Kharlamov

He is a unique player whose life tragically ended in 1981. Valery Kharlamov has repeatedly become European and world champion in the national team. He is also the owner of gold medals of the Olympic Games. Often the player was recognized as the best striker. For his achievements Kharlamov was included in the Hall of Fame of the NHL.;

Gordie Howe

This striker has the largest collection of trophies in the history of world hockey. He has played more than 2,000 matches in his career, throwing 850 pucks. Gordie Howe became the owner of the Stanley Cup, the champion of the world, Europe and the Olympic Games. Repeatedly recognized as the best NHL scorer and the most valuable player of the season. In matches he preferred a tough and attacking style. There is a special concept – “Hat-trick Gordie Hou”. 

Alexander Ovechkin

Ovechkin is the best NHL specialist in puck delivery to goalkeepers. It is important to make a mistake: he does it not by any available means, but usually with the help of the best in the league throw on the move and hand throw.

Lamb lacks variety in technical methods and decisions, which reduces its effectiveness in decisive matches against the best defenders and best teams in the league. If he knows what he will do in the next second, then his rivals are also aware of and preparing for this.