Whether you’re a seasoned golfer, or you’ve decided to take up this inclusive and enjoyable sport only recently, knowing what to take onto the golf course with you can make a real difference to your game. 

There are plenty of ways you can learn to improve your overall course performance, from addressing your position and understanding the basics of your grip, to learning how to hit the ball straighter (not necessarily further) and how to improve your putting pace. But even the most experienced of golfers will tell you, having the right equipment at your side will make developing your game a much more realistic goal.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of golfing accessories available today so knowing what to put in your golf bag to carry around the course isn’t always easy. So, we’ve simplified it for you. Read on for the 6 golf must-haves for the course in 2021.

1. Sunday golf bag

First things first, you should consider a Sunday golf bag to carry around all that you need on the course, including your clubs and accessories. These bags are typically more lightweight and easier to carry around than standard golf bags, meaning they can be more limited in capacity but they are ideal for a quick round of golf or a driving range practice.

2. Golf GPS Devices

A golf GPS is something every golfer, new or old, should consider as they head to the course. Trying to calculate your yardages and what club you might want to use and even the proximity to hole distance was once a complicated process. Even with the introduction of golfing apps, the process is incredibly long-winded. But with a golf GPS device, you get the simplicity and the accuracy you need throughout your game. 

Whether you choose a handheld device or a GPS watch, there’s never been an easier way to track your shots and collate your golfing statistics. Don’t hit the golf course without one. 

3. Rain gloves

Golf is an all-weather sport, and most golfers won’t let a little rain and mud put them off their time on the course. However, having the right accessories in place will ensure you’re comfortable in all weather and your game is affected. A rain glove/s is the perfect item to have on hand, should the weather take a turn for the worst. These gloves will offer you the grip you need, meaning you can focus on other elements of your game and technique. The best kinds of rain gloves have improved grip the wetter they get. So shop around to find what’s best for you.

4. Pencils

Don’t be the person who sets up at the 1st tee and then asks around for a pencil. It’s incredibly frustrating and a question you’ll have to continue to ask throughout your game. Always have a couple of pencils to hand.

5. A dark-colored towel

You’re going to need to wipe down your clubs and your golf balls as you move along the course, keeping your grip and your focus on your game. Opt for a darker colored towel, so all those grass and mud stains aren’t so unsightly. 

6. And finally, a water bottle

Whether you’re focusing on 9 holes or the full 18, you’ll be walking several miles throughout your game and keeping your hydration levels satisfied is crucial for your health and your concentration. A simple, refillable water bottle will keep you feeling fresh and focused.