Veteran fighter Joey Dawejko of Philadelphia will be making a triumphant return to the ring on September 1. He will step through the ropes at the Parx Casino in about an eight-round bout against Mike Marshall out of Danbury. Joey Dawejko has been a training sparring partner for the former IBF/WBA/WBO world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

For the past few years, Dawejko has challenged himself in boxing while managing his roofing company. He reportedly knocked Anthony Joshua down in sparring for the Andy Ruiz Jr. fight.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is one of the best fighters with a professional record of 24-2, but currently he is not the world’s WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight champion. The total wins of 24 fights have come inside distance while the lost two fights have gone the full distance. As stated above, Joshua had been using Dawejko for training when he won the heavyweight championship.

According to reports from an anonymous source, Anthony Joshua has been put down several times badly by Dawejko. Information received indicates that Joshua didn’t look like himself when he stepped into the Ruiz ring. He was nervously chewing on his gum shield before he went down six rounds.

Joey Dawejko

Sources indicate that Dawejko has kept the fighter’s code though his reward was a short-term deal with Matchroom Boxing. Unfortunately, he lost to Sergey Kuzmin and fought for the company again. He has been actively engaging in boxing training with Anthony Joshua.

Recently, Dawejko has come out clearly that Tyson Fury is too elusive and awkward and is likely to win against Joshua. He further clarifies that he knew that Andy Ruiz’s fighting style would trouble Joshua, and that’s exactly what happened. Reports from the Anthony Joshua interview state that Joey Dawejko dropped him during sparring before the shock defeat by Andy Ruiz Jr.

The match at Parx Casino

The most anticipated match for Joey Dawejko against Mike Marshall will occur at the Parx Casino. Make sure you buy your ticket at about $50, $75, or $125, depending on your budget. You can also use the contacts (1-877-466-3404) or (215-364-9000) provided on the site to call for more clarification about the tickets. The requirements are that you should be 21 years old or above to attend this event.

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