We all play slots for entertainment and hope to bag some cash along the way. Since the boom in video slots that took place back in the mid-1990s, technology has allowed these games to be more complex than before. There are also more terms for players to get their heads around. 

If you are new to slots, these terms and features you may encounter whilst spinning, probably need some explaining. Most punters learn whilst they play, but a bit of prior knowledge is also very helpful. 

The principle of any slot is to match up symbols that will give you a return on your stake. These are the rules of what is known as the base game or your normal spins away from any special feature or bonus. 

The symbols all have certain values and each symbol of the highest value, is different, depending on the theme of the game. If a game is based on a superhero, then the actual superhero from the slot title at www.slotsuk.co.uk would be the highest paying of them all. 

Slot Bonuses 

The reason we play slots is to hit the bonus rounds. These are usually triggered, by landing three or more bonus symbols on the reels. Bonus symbols come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes called Scatters or actually have ‘Bonus’ written on them. 

If you land 3 or more then you will be transported to additional features that differ with every game. The most common feature is a free spins round that sometimes has multipliers added to your winnings. This basically means that your winnings are boosted. 

Other bonuses include money trails such as in King Kong Cash. With these you pick symbols containing numbers that relate to how many steps you can take on the money-multiplying trail. If you pick the symbol hiding the word ‘Collect’, this ends the bonus round. 

Slots like Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix has more bonus rounds than what is considered the norm but most still work on the same principles of either free spins or choosing symbols. 

Big money bonuses are the best as the multipliers can run into the hundreds and the multipliers are chosen at random. 

Other Common Features 

Cascading reels are a popular addition to slots and when a matching symbol combination lands, the winning symbols will vanish and others will fall into their place. This sequence will continue until a winning sequence is ended. This feature is like getting free spins whilst playing the base game.

Wild symbols are in most slots and these special symbols mimic others to form winning lines. These wilds could be expanding, this means they stretch to fill entire reels, sticking, means they stay on the reels for a certain amount of time, or they can shift around the reels as you spin. 

Finally, lookout for jackpot features, progressive jackpots continue to grow until they are won, whilst fixed jackpots stay the same. In general, the language of slots is best picked up whilst spinning, but is easy to grasp, nonetheless.