Preparing for a new NHL season can be truly nerve wracking. It is something that a lot of teams are working on today in order to be ready for when 2021 kicks in. Among the teams that are seriously preparing, the Detroit Red Wings are setting themselves up to be genuine contenders for the new seasons Stanley Cup race.

Sportsbooks and odds makers have doubled down on their offerings to fans in Michigan, providing up to date research, gossip, and some of the most extensive gambling opportunities for fans to get involved in some of the pre-season action.  What makes everything more exciting is just how competitive the NHL has gotten recently.  More money is being passed around as contracts get larger and larger, not to mention the record-breaking expansion of the fan base.  It seems every team is looking for new strategies and new opportunities in order to improve all together before the new season begins. But, how can the Red Wings stay one step ahead of their competition and what do the fans, and fans of sportsbooks, need to know.

Strategies in the Offseason

During the offseason especially, the Detroit Red Wings are looking for numerous ways to achieve a potential expansion during the draft.  Odds on various potential candidates have already hit the public through a handful of legal gambling sites in Michigan and the proverbial buzz that has started is doubtful to slow down.

The large pool of new player coming into the league have already provided a ton of benefits for prospective teams considering game play strategies, potential power pairings, and just the general excitement of new blood in the locker room.  Many point to this years draft, in particular, as a key strategic opportunity for teams like the Red Wings.  It is truly the best way to start off a new season, and for that reason picking new players from the draft is a great opportunity for a team.

For fans that are looking to beat the odds, keep your eye out for some of the fresh talent that’s guarding the net.  While goaltenders aren’t necessarily the sexiest of picks, rumor has it that a number of teams are looking to add some youth to their bench in preparation for the 2022 season and beyond.

Upcoming NHL 2021 Season

Mar 10, 2020; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin (71) talks with referee Ghislain Hebert (22) during the third period in the game against the Carolina Hurricanes at Little Caesars Arena. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With the new NHL season upcoming in only just one month, the Red Wings are now set to return as strong as ever and are showing incredible numbers across a selection of legitimate sportsbook analyses.  The entire pandemic situation was definitely a time off for all the players and teams and the Detroit Red Wings took advantage of this time to rebuild.

If you didn’t know this, during this COVID-19 shutdown, a lot of the player contracts from the Red Wings started to expire, and among these were some of the oldest players on the team. This opened up the budget and has the potential, pending contract negotiations, to change the entire team’s dynamic. It is a way to freshen up the team and start stronger than ever. Fans are definitely eager to see which players are going to be added into the team the upcoming season and you can actually get involved in the action by visiting some of Michigan’s most trusted online gambling sites.

When push comes to shove, we are getting ready to see some of the best hockey that has been played in recent history.  Now Is the time to get involved.