Baseball is a typical American game, which looks like cricket, but it is not. It is a whole new experience, and indeed the best sports anyone can play. There are no age restrictions; it is a game for all; you may have seen young kids play baseball at the nearby kids’ park. 

To start the game players, need to set some rules, and at a professional level, they will need to buy different equipment such as catchers bags , baseball gloves, a high-quality baseball bat, and soft pads; the list goes on depending on the quality of the game. 

Not only the equipment but the five basic rules for baseball, the measurement of the field, and many other things matter for a professional baseball game. If you are one of those who always wonder what baseball is, as it is not an indigenous game in your region, this article is for you. 

What is the history of baseball? 

If you are wondering that baseball is a new game, you only got to know about it now; then you really need to check the American history. It is almost 300 years old. Imagine playing such an old game. 

 Formally, baseball was launched as a league in the late 1800s by a baseball player in New York. Similarly, the national association of professional baseball players was established in 1871. Then in 1881, the baseball leagues were formed. 

It is not a game for only men; women also played baseball that too formally. No, do not think that it occurred in modern history; it happened as early as the 1860s. It was the climax period for baseball, and soon the sport gained international fame. 

How to play baseball? 

Playing baseball is not a difficult game; it only requires skill and confidence. You need a maximum of 18 people to play this game. These 18 people are divided into two teams. One of them does the batting, and the other one is the fielding team. 

The player teams first need to set the square boundary, which is of a specific range, and then the batters of the batting team need to hit the ball so that the fielder team must not get to it, and in the meanwhile, the hitter may complete the circuit of the run. No, it is not the regular run; it is a complete circuit. 

  • There are four bases on the field. 
  • The game has a total of 9 innings. 
  • There are four umpires to keep a close eye on the players. 
  • The catcher, pitcher, and hitter these three positions are quite essential for the game.  
  • If the fielders succeed in catching the flying ball, it will be considered an out. 


Baseball is a lot like cricket, but its rule and strategies are quite interesting and unique. Unlike cricket, it involves a lesser player on the field. The running and out strategy for baseball is what makes it different.