The world confirmed the first COVID-19 case towards the end of 2019. Since then, the coronavirus has destabilized the usual ways of doing things. Many people have lost jobs due to the temporary closure of various workplaces. The situation has contributed to the increase in the number of mental illness cases. However, Talkspace and other healthcare providers have played an essential role in providing affordable therapy services.

The New York-based healthcare company has licensed professional therapists who have provided top-notch counseling services during the pandemic. The beauty is that various organizations and businesses have resumed operations according to governments and health bodies’ guidelines.

As researchers continue unveiling vaccines to contain the virus, the world has started economic recovery programs. Therefore, individuals must ensure that they are mentally and physically safe as they resume their duties. The following are some tips to consider for maximum safety at workplaces, as outlined by Talkspace experts.

Ensuring Personal Responsibility

According to Meaghan Rice, PsyD, LPC, a Talkspace therapist, community investment is essential in ensuring overall safety in workplaces because nowhere is 100% safe. Rice further explains that a collective approach by taking necessary precautions makes management of the virus effective.

Social distancing and wearing of masks are among the mandatory precautions. According to the therapist, personal hygiene and other precautions supplemented by organizations’ safety standards provide a safe working environment for everyone.

Following Health Bodies’ Guidelines for Workplaces

OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are global health leaders. They have laid down rules for workplaces apart from personal responsibility. DC and OSHA have recommended mandatory usage of PPEs, including wearing face coverings.

Adhering to social distance protocols between customers and employees is mandatory. Additionally, organizations and businesses should disinfect all surfaces regularly and provide hand-washing stations. Others include using certified hand sanitizers, checking body temperatures for establishing coronavirus symptoms, and remote facilitating working strategies, to name but a few.

Planning Return to Work Procedures

Experts advise organizations to have a written plan on how to protect workers. Additionally, they should keep updating the protocols frequently as scientists reveal more developments about the virus. According to the CDC, businesses should have a COVID-19 coordinator for handling such issues.

Implementing Physical Distance

Businesses should implement physical distance at all costs. Notable examples include the installation of plexiglass barriers and a six-foot space between tables. However, face coverings make the process more effective.

Mental Wellbeing at Workplaces

Apart from the safety precautions provided above, Rice recommends mental awareness in workplaces. Businesses and organizations should collaborate with healthcare experts to ensure employees’ mental safety during the pandemic.

Sadness, fear, and anxiety are some pressing issues likely to affect employees after lockdowns. Therefore, they should consider working with therapists for the welfare of their workforce. Rice concludes by advising individuals to avoid total isolation but reach out to others.

About Talkspace

The company has provided online and physical therapy services since 2012. However, most patients admire using the mobile app to connect with therapists privately at their homes. The user-friendly online therapy platform provides them with unlimited time to chat with therapists in real-time.

Most patients battling mental issues have benefited from affordable service. Furthermore, the company offered free hours of online therapy services to frontline health workers during the pandemic’s initial stages.