Major League Soccer (MLS) published the preliminary round schedule for the 25th season. Similar to MSL is Back Tournament, rigorous and comprehensive safety and health protocols are in force. The entire team, including staff and coaches, will have to undergo a test for Covid-19.FC Dallas and Nashville SC had to resign from the tournament due to Covid-19 positive. The stadium in Orlando, Florida, was deserted as a precautionary measure. The game started with an electrifying mood.

Amended schedule

  In the amended calendar, each team will have to play eighteen season game progressively. Most teams will have to face regional teams in six matches, the first round. FC Dallas and Nashville SC have to play three more matches against each other, as they withdrew due to health issues. Eighteen clubs are entitled to postseason 2020, which were fourteen in the previous year. From 20th November, the Audi MSL Cup Playoff started, concluding the MSL cup to be held on 12th December.

Health and Safety Protocols

MSL takes every precautionary measure to confine the contamination of the pandemic. Certified locals labs are used to test every player, technical staff, and essential team members every alternate day. Each player and staff has to abide by the guidelines when they are away from the team facilities. For travelling to other venues, chartered buses or flights are used; the team arrives at the match day, and leaves after the match, in later in the day.

Most of the matches are played in an empty stadium. But clubs are discussing with government offices and health departments to allow a certain number of fans I the enclosure. Indeed, the fans have to abide by the guidelines, but allowing specific spectators will be a step towards normalcy. Some little, cautious steps pave the way to normalcy. The MSL is determined to resume the season, but with all necessary precautions, to keep players and staff free from the onslaught of the pandemic. Creating a safe environment is a priority to encourage players to give their best and smoothly progress the tournament. Keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask is a few steps of the comprehensive health plan.

Covid-19 is not only about mortality but its long term implications. It can disable an athlete with breathlessness, fatigue, or other severe symptoms. It is always better to take preventive measures, as the pandemic can profoundly affect an athlete’s performance.

Know the odds

Make an educated guess, and predict each MSL match, and you can win a mammoth $50,000.You can place your bet on dominoqq. MSL is gaining in popularity, but betting in MSL is a bit tricky. Without a proper understanding of the dynamism, you can lose the bankroll fast. In mainstream sport, the chosen team can win or lose; it means you have an odd of 50%. An additional outcome of the draw can reduce the percentage to 33.3. MSL odds are published a week before the match, which gives you a chance to study the team and players’ current condition. If you want to bet on favorites, it is best to place the stake as soon as the line opens because the odds become unfavorable as time progress.