UK financial solicitors provide a compensation claim service dealing with mis-sold financial investments including whole life plans, pensions, life assurance, savings plans, PEP’s, ISA’s, life policies for inheritance tax, pension mortgages, income protection plans, lump sum investments, endowment mortgages, straight repayment mortgages, PPI, investment bonds and all other financial products. Most UK finance solicitors operate a risk-free service and do not ask you to fund or finance the claim as it proceeds. If the financial investment compensation claim is lost, they do not make any charge to you and only make a charge for work carried out on your behalf if the claim is successful. UK financial solicitors challenge investments on the basis that they were either mis-sold or they do not comply with statutory requirements, and in many cases are able to obtain a full refund notwithstanding that the value of the investment may have fallen over time. Every case is considered individually, and many clients do not realise the extent of their problem nor the amount that they can claim until a UK financial solicitor carries out a full assessment on their behalf.

UK financial solicitors will initially discuss your claim over the phone and will obtain information about your investments prior to asking you to send your documentation. If you change your mind about proceeding after free initial advice, you are under no obligation to continue and will not usually be charged for initial legal advice. Once the documentation is received and perused,your solicitor will contact the provider of the investment product, after receipt of your signed authority, in order to obtain any other information needed to back up your potential claim. Once your lawyers have established that you have a claim they will request compensation from the seller of the product and in the event of a refusal will take appropriate action which may in due course require the issue of legal proceedings to obtain a judgement.

Mis-Selling Grounds

A large proportion of financial investments are in fact mis-sold giving the buyer the right to repudiate the contract with the seller and reclaim compensation from the financial advisor. There are numerous ways in which a financial investment can be mis-sold including:-

   failure to carry out a full fact find

   failure to establish the buyers attitude to risk

   failure to advice that investments go down as well as up

   failure to correlate the stock market with risk with the investment

   failure to outline all charges and penalties where appropriate

   guarantees of income that are not achieved

   guarantees of capital increases that failed

   guarantees that capital value is safe when it is not

   misleading statements both verbal and written

   failure to consider the effect of retirement

   failure to consider the effect of unemployment

   inability to access money when initially advised otherwise

   long term investment when short term required

   high risk investment when not appropriate to lifestyle

   offered only one product when more available

   failure to communicate full details of the product

   cancelling old mortgage/policy for new mortgage/policy – aka unlawful ‘churning’