Each and every day we witness the prowess of online gambling on the internet, with millions of players competing for the best jackpots both against each other and against the dealers and casinos themselves.

As someone who regularly places bets online, you likely know a fact or two yourself regarding online casinos. However, how many facts do you actually know?

To test your knowledge, this article will provide five unique facts about casinos, most of which you likely don’t already know.

So, let’s begin.

1. You can ban yourself from a casino 

Did you know that you can in fact ban yourself from a casino? If your gambling is getting a little too much and perhaps out of hand, banning yourself is the next best thing to quitting entirely. This was originally introduced in Ohio, known as the “voluntarily exclusion” program.

Banning yourself from a casino prevents you from playing here, you will even be escorted out by security.

2. Casinos were invented in Italy

Organized gambling can be traced back to Venice n 1638. Likewise, the term “casino” also originated in Italy – derived from the word “casa”, meaning a variety of establishments including social clubs and Italian summerhouses.

3. Slots were developed in 1887

While casinos were around in the mid-1600s, slots were introduced in 1887. This slot machine was known as “liberty bell”, developed by Charles Fell with the finished design later released in 1891.

Little did Charles know that hundreds of years later, slots would be all the rage – especially online ones.

4. No deposit casino bonuses are a great way to earn some extra cash

If you’re just beginning your online casino journey, it can be a little daunting filling your e-wallet up and placing everything on red, or worse losing an all-in in a card of Texas hold em’. 

No deposit casinos allow you to play with little to no funds, utilizing welcome bonuses instead. Generally, these winnings will be transferred into your online balance, only to be used on the site.

Nevertheless, a casino bonus is a great way to learn the game with little to no risk. Using the bonus winnings on your next bet, however, will be yours to withdraw.

5. Casino odds on cruise ships are much worse than on land

If you ever find yourself on a cruise ship, it’s perhaps best to avoid the slots, poker, and blackjack and stick to sipping your martini instead.

For example, blackjack tables on cruise ships generally pay odds of 6-5, instead of 3-2 in the majority of other casinos.