It’s a pretty common question, and one we run into a lot at Got Suspended? Amazon account services. And for good reason too!

That’s because most suspended Amazon sellers have the same issues: why they got suspended and what to do if they account has been suspended by Amazon. 

The first thing you need to figure out if your Amazon account gets suspended is why it got suspended. Obviously, Amazon will give you a pretty broad reason for why they suspended your account, but it’s up to you to pinpoint the root cause. That’s actually what Amazon wants you to do. It wants you to understand what went wrong, and what you did to get yourself in this situation.

Then comes the next step, and here’s where things get a bit complicated! 

After the root cause is figured out, it’s time you put pen to paper (or in this case, finger to keyboard) and write what we call in the suspension world an “appeal,” which is basically a love letter to Amazon. In the letter, you need to tell Amazon what happened and what you’ve done to fix it. Then, you need to tell them how you’re going to prevent that problem from happening again. Amazon’s Seller Performance will read it, reinstate your account, and release your funds. 

Pretty simple, right?

We wish!

Oftentimes, you’ll keep digging into your account but for whatever reason, you just can’t figure out what happened! 

It’s pretty frustrating and many sellers are quick to panic, sending poorly written appeals to Amazon with hopes that Seller Performance will review it and reinstate their accounts. Chances are, that won’t happen. Amazon will keep rejecting the appeals and it will keep your account suspended, holding your funds until who knows when!

It’s for this exact reason that we formed Got Suspended?. To help out suspended sellers like you to get back on Amazon’s platform and continue your selling career. We know firsthand how annoying Amazon suspensions are and how they can ruin businesses if not properly handled. That’s why we’re here to offer a helping hand. 

The way we do it is that our team starts by looking into your account. And by looking, we mean picking your account apart (not literally) and examining the pieces. They are trained professionals and can notice tiny details which escape the eye. After all, the devil is in the details.

By the time they’re done with their assessment, we’ll have a pretty clear idea of what the root cause is and we’ll officially begin to reinstate your case. Now, this process depends on the severity of your suspension, and we treat each case differently. That means when our writers step in the game to create an appeal with a decent of Plan of Action, they aren’t copy-pasting generic templates. They write unique letters per each case, based on the information which is unique to that case. 

If there is need for legal action, we have an experienced legal team that will work diligently to figure out solutions for your reinstatement. Everything is overseen by industry veterans who’ve encountered everything Amazon has to throw at its sellers. 

As you can see, there’s many layers to what you should do if you’re left with a suspended Amazon account, and it’s always a better idea to trust your case to professionals like us at Got Suspended? Amazon account services. We’ll reinstate your case as effectively as it gets!