Are you feeling tired of continually watching soccer, basketball, baseball, or ice hockey? According to estimations, there are around 8000 different sports in the world, yet you likely stick to very few ones. Below, you can find five unconventional sports – some of them allow you to earn a little something, while others are just satisfying to watch or do. See what they are and how fun they can be!


A lot of people don’t even realize it, but poker is really a sport. The card game that is most commonly considered as a gambling game, in fact, requires specific skills and abilities. If you ever have an opportunity to jump in a table of professional poker players, you’ll see that they are not only competitive but also have a set of skills that make them better than the average player.  It can easily be compared to the average student writing a research paper verses a professional writer, like the folks at, writing a literary masterpiece.

Notice that the biggest poker tournaments can last for days. There are tens of thousands of people, and all of them are trying to be the last one standing. To achieve it, they all have to be both physically and mentally strong. Physically, because they have to be focused on making the right decision every time, mentally, because poker is a skill game, with luck factor involved, so sometimes bad beats can happen, and only the best players can deal with them.

Notice that luck plays a significant role. Even if you’re a beginner, but luck is with you, and you know the basic principles of this card game, there’s a chance that you win a lot of money! You can play poker either live or online. If you don’t have much experience in this game, check out casinos at, where you can get some bonuses either for free, registration, or first deposit. Once you sit down at the poker table, find out if you can beat your opponents and get their chip stacks – there’s no better feeling than that!


You likely associate this sport with medieval times, when it was not only a practical skill but one of the most popular sports. Although nowadays the best archers have nowhere near as much fame as medieval times archers did, it’s still an activity that is not only fun to do but also to watch.

Some say that there’s nothing hard in archery, but this sport is not as easy as it may seem. It’s very physically demanding, especially when it comes to the upper parts of the body. If you try it for the first time, you’ll understand how hard it is to hit that yellow dot, when your hands are shaking. You will have to be focused, strong, but also consider some factors you usually don’t even pay attention to, for example, the wind. If you haven’t tried archery in your life, make sure to change it. You’ll love it!

Sheep counting

Yes, you read it right. The best method of falling asleep is also a sport. What does it look like? There are hundreds of sheep running near competitors, who are supposed to count them. The closer they are to the actual number, the better. If you have never tried to do that, it might feel like an easy task. But, keep in mind that almost all of these sheep look the same; therefore, it’s very easy to lose track of them. You won’t be a good sheep counter if you can’t focus for a longer period of time. Two things are sure – it’s not an easy sport, and you won’t fall asleep while doing it – contrary to what you’re thinking right now, very few sports provide you with more adrenaline. Don’t believe it? Try it on your own!

Chess boxing

Would you say that there are no two things that are more distant from each other than chess and boxing? If your answer is yes, you could not be more wrong! Chess boxing is a relatively new sport discipline, created in 1992. It quickly went global, as it’s very entertaining, though. There is only one goal – to beat your opponent, and you can do it either by checkmating or in the boxing ring. If you previously thought that chess is boring, then maybe watching a few chess boxing matches will make you change your mind?

The above sports are not very popular, but it doesn’t make them boring at all! They require you to have a set of particular skills in order to be good at them, and if you only want to watch and enjoy them, they will provide you with a lot of laughs and emotions. If you become intrigued in either of the sports above, make sure to learn more about them. They’ll give you as much fun and emotions as the mainstream ones (if not even more)!