The football turf field installation is a four-phase process. In this article let’s see about Phase 1. Under Phase 1, there is a broader process. It will need to collect and gather information on artificial surfaces and define the procurement process for installation.


The first stage will include planning. The facility planning exercise takes place at the outset of any playing surface development project. So it is a common activity. The facility planning will need to identify clearly the project goals.

This will establish the level of demand and include detailed financial and operational planning. It mainly focuses on the four following areas. They are vision, need, money and delivery. This can cost between 5 and 10% of the total project budget.


Before the contractor selection process, it is important to have a target budget for project delivery. The project will vary depending upon the number of factors.The location is determined according to the availability of materials, distance to transport materials and equipment, taxation, and import duties.

The scale is the detail of the number or the area of the playing surface. The budget should also accommodate the site access ability and the site works. This will also include the earthwork and Drainage requirements, undestroyable heating and irrigation requirements. Moreover, ground conditions which tell about the details of Rock and soil composition are also to be taken care of.

Selecting a contractor

Usually, a contractor is selected through an invitation to tender. Companies will be invited to bid competitively to provide the required services based on the same criteria and time frame.

When running a tender for a football turf field installation, the design requirements the simplified according to the regulations. This is important as it relates to the performance of the final installation and will eliminate unnecessary Complex specifications.

Installation phase

The installation is divided into 5 areas. It will include base work which is also called as earthwork drainage subways, underground heating, synthetic surfacing, installation of support equipment, etc.

The quality base work includes drainage and subways work. It is important for the longevity of a football turf field installation.


After the completion of the football turf field installation, the next step is to obtain International certification for the artificial surface. This certification will require the field to pass the final pitch test. This is the proof, that the field fulfils all the requirements of an artificial football surface.