Most people often bother about the varying pricing of a pool table. They wonder about what makes a table cost 900$ and the other 10000$. Is there any factor that affects the price? If then, what are they?

We are going to answer all these questions on the topic “how much does a pool table cost”. Thus, the article would help you realize the features responsible for the price of a pool table. It will benefit you to go through the catalogues during your next purchase of a pool table. So, keep in touch.

Factors affecting the Poll table price 

There are numerous features which directly change the price of a pool table. We have included significant factors only for your better understanding. Hope you check all the factors carefully and sincerely to know the real worth of a poll table.

Slate number and thickness

Slate is a piece of board lying below the pool table felt. The number of slates and their thickness determines the cost of a table. Tables with one slate cost less. Whereas tournament and bar tables with 3-4 slates are more expensive than other one. However, despite being costlier, we recommend you to purchase thicker slated tables. It will provide durability for a long time and bring fun to your game.

Cabinet material and design

The cabinet is there to support the tabletop. Its price depends on two main factors. They are given below.

  • The quality of the materials of the cabinet.
  • The amount of craftsmanship invested in building the cabinet

Nonetheless, the decoration of the cabinet has nothing to do with the performance and betterment of the pool table. Instead, it helps the pool table to synchronise with your home interior.

Quality of the pool felt

Billiard felt, or cloth is used to cover the top of the slate. It is traditionally made with nylon and wool. The quality of the felt determines the speed of the pool balls during a game. The heavier the felt material, the costlier the table would be.

The ultimate price guideline for a pool table

We now know the affecting factors of a pool table. So, let’s look at the price of the various types of pool tables.

Toy Table

A toy table is small in size and made for kids. It might cost you anywhere between 600$-1300$. These tables are usually made with low graded and cheap laminate or wood on the frame. Moreover, manufacturers use a low-quality slate.

The toy table is durable for only 3-5 years of playtime for your kids. It is mainly due to its inferior building materials.

Economic table

You will commonly found these tables at home. With upgraded materials it costs around 1200$-2000$. It occupies a small space in your home, thanks to its foldability. The table comes with an easy setup. So, you can enjoy the game anytime.

It has a lifespan of around a decade with proper care. However, you will have to polish and refurbish the table regularly to help it continue performing better.

Mid-range tables 

These tables will cost you around 2000$-3500$. These tables are built with high-quality materials and matches perfectly with home décor. So, it is a worthy investment.

With such a price range you are expected to get these features in the tables-

  • Railings made with hardwood
  • Malaysian gum cushions of AAA quality
  • Strong supporting legs

The mid-range table is advisable to the experienced players for smooth playing time.

Custom tables 

Also known as heirloom tables, these exotic pool tables will cost more than 3500$. However, it might go up to 15000$. These tables are made with natural slates and exotic woods. Moreover, the table is decorated with embellishments of rare gems.

It is a luxurious and customised pool table for your home décor. Made with best quality materials it will last for generations. Thus, the customised table is an appropriate lifetime investment.

Final Verdict:

The pool table price varies depending on its built material and utility. Thus, you should, at first, realise your purpose to purchase them. Then, this information would help you to figure out how much you have to pay for your desired pool table.