Florida is home to various breeds of horses, but thoroughbreds are the most popular amongst them. As a result, Florida boasts two of the top thoroughbred horse racing tracks in the country: Gulfstream Park and Tampa Bay Downs. If you are a fan of thoroughbred racing, you shouldn’t be missing these two courses on your trip to the Sunshine State.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the two, top thoroughbred racetracks in Florida and you will find tips for the first-timers

Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Florida

If you are in the north of Miami in Hallandale, Florida, then you must visit Gulfstream Park. Gulfstream Park, that was founded in 1939 is located at 901 S. Federal Highway in Hallandale, which is situated between North Miami Beach and Hollywood, Florida. You can pre-book ticket and find Gulfstream Park tips online to make the most of the event. Also, right next to the track is Gulfstream Park Village, which is home to dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, casino, and even a nightclub—it is considered as an all-in-one entertainment mecca.

Tampa Bay Downs in Oldsmar, Florida

If you visit the northwest side of the state, then you will find Tampa Bay Downs race track offering a similar experience to the one mentioned above. Since it was opened in 1926 under the name Tampa Downs, this thoroughbred racing course has had several changes in its name and overcame a string of challenging years to gain the success that it presently enjoys.

While the grandstand is covered with the adequate amenities that include gaming rooms and a casino, the experience you’ll get at this place falls more along the lines of friendly and local rather than luxurious.

Located just in the west of Tampa, on Race Track Road in Oldsmar, Florida, Tampa Bay Downs is easily accessible by taxi or even public transit via public bus services that are offered to the Tampa Bay area.

Tips for Your First Thoroughbred Racetracks Experience

If you’re a first time visitor to a professional thoroughbred racecourse, then your first adventure will surely be an unforgettable one. Make sure to take a tour of the tracks before the races start, to note where the betting windows & concessions are located so that you have a better feel for your environment before you find a seat. Also, remember, many of these historical sites have been around for about 100 years, and each of them offers a brilliant glimpse into the history of horse racing.

Once you find yourself a seat in the clubhouse overlooking the racecourse, you’ll see the horses entering the racetrack for the post parade to the starting gate; as the horses start prancing, you get the opportunity to check out the daily racing form given by the track to all patrons & place a bet on your favourite horse. Then you can get a drink and gossip with other race enthusiasts.

When the bell rings, make sure you pay attention to the gates spring open & your chosen horse bounds out of its stable. So, get caught up in the excitement and feel free to cheer your horse all the way to the photo finish!