Imagine you were in a mine, and you were a miner, all around you pickaxes, dynamites rocks and gold. Now imagine you had the power to trigger a massive avalanche every time you want just by pressing a button.

This is the feeling you will have when playing Bonanza Slot – click to find out more.

How to play

First of all, this isn’t a common slot, it is something more. The avalanche method used to shuffle the symbols and the extra symbols placed on top of the reels confer to this machine a unique character and great playability.

The scene gets filled up by a random quantity of symbols which fall from above, onto 6 reels. For each “wheel”, probably it is better if we call it pile, the avalanche can release from a minimum of two massive symbols which cover the entire height to a maximum of 6 symbols.

The changing number of symbols also affect the winning combinations you can hit. To hit a winning, you will need to get at least two consecutive symbols starting from the first pile to the left. Just above the wheels 2, 3, 4 and 5, there is a little train. This train gets in the scene and goes out each time the player hits the spin button. This speedy little convoy has on its back 4 symbols, and those further symbols will be considered part of the pattern to help the player to complete the winning combinations.

Every time the player hits a winning combo, the symbols involved in the winning explode and create room for new symbols which will fall from above to fill the empty spaces. If the new symbols compose a win, the reaction starts again. Theoretically, the chain reaction can go ahead endlessly. All the rewards get summed and the total amount of winnings will be shown at the end of the last reaction. 

Considering that there are no pay-lines, the player cannot vary the active lines, but the stake can be changed at will.


The mine is full of precious gems and classic symbols, plus a wild and a scatter.

The gems are the most rewarding ones while the classic symbols, the A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 will be paid gradually less.

The Wild is represented by sticks of dynamite. It can substitute all other symbols in a winning combo except for the scatter.

The scatter, which is represented by golden ingots engraved with the letters G, O, L and D will reward the player with 12 free spins if 4 of them land on the screen.

Free spins

During this stage, the slot behaves differently. The scatter has a different shape and it can appear only on the little train. When three or four scatters get in the scene, the player will receive respectively 5 or 10 extra free spins.

During the free games, the system rewards the player with endless multipliers. Each win triggers the unlimited multiplier which increases after each reaction.

Final thoughts

A very well-made game. The graphics elements so like the sound effects are gorgeous and funny. To make this slot even better, there is the RTP which is 96%.