Basketball remains among the most played sports in North America and across the globe. Thousands of sports enthusiasts try out basketball, while a significant percentage consider themselves die-hard fans. Today, perhaps more than ever, betting is richer than ever. Consequently, fans place bets by determining match outcomes of their favorite teams.

Away from that, basketball players must train hard to hone their ball skills, retain match sharpness and fitness. For the majority of basketball enthusiasts, the rules are well-known, so we’ll not touch on them.

Nonetheless, similar to other sports, we deem it imperative basketball enthusiasts understand and acquire a few of the essential equipment and accessories.

Let’s get into the thick of things.

   1. Buy a quality hoop

Basketball backboards comprise of a vertically raised board, a suspended net right from the hoop and an attached basket. To score, players throw the ball through the hoop. Nowadays, players prefer to acquire a portable hoop for mobility, affordability, and minimal space requirement issues.

When purchasing a hoop, never compromise on quality. Rather, check the internet for reviews featured on

The net remains crucial as well, as it guides the ball downwards back to the court.

   2. Get yourself wrist and headbands

The majority of people not well versed with headbands consider wrist and headgear are for giving a cool look. Contrarily, sports headbands keep dripping sweat from your eyes. For players with long hair, a headband secures your hair in one position.

Often, the earlier mentioned gear comes with knee pads, which protect the knees in case of a fall.

The headbands, knee pads, and wristbands are necessary not for only basketball but for all kinds of sports. It will save you from getting injured severely.

   3. Get a coach and study the more experienced players

For those who wish to get a real taste of basketball, we recommend you join a club where coaches will guide you accordingly. Make a point of watching other players, more so, professional players to learn on finer attacking, defensive skills, and movement.

   4. Get the right kind of playing shoes

You need little to get started, and buying shoes suitable for the game is essential. Get the wrong type of shoes, and you risk injuring yourself. The sport entails lots of jumping and running hence cushioning, and excellent support is vital.

High-top shoes support the ankles but feel slightly heavier in comparison to the lighter mid-top shoes. Mid-top shoes, however, don’t protect the ankles.

Choose your shoes depending on the level of competition and the position you intend to play.

You may not necessarily own all the listed items above; however, the hoop remains a necessity. It’s impossible to practice or play basketball without a hoop. Even headbands and wristbands are necessary as they will give you protection when you are practicing.

The tips, as mentioned above, will immensely improve your play and help you shine next time you play with your friends. Keep in mind to start small as you plan to work your way up. When controlling or dribbling, keep your head held high. Stay focused on improving your ball skills. Over-emphasizing on the defensive zone remains top of common player mistakes. While not downplaying the importance of the zone, we acknowledge your opponent may choose to employ man-to-man coverage.

At times, you may lack a training mate during your practice sessions. But this shouldn’t hinder your progress as you may practice free throws and pivot all alone.