If you have ever played poker, you must have realized by now that it isn’t all about luck, but also the skills involved. By understanding this, you will recognize that the seasoned punters have some hidden secrets that they never want to share with you. In fact, they would prefer you never learn their secrets. Remember, they benefit more when you incur huge losses. Thus, when you understand their money-making tricks, they stand to earn less or nothing.

Learning how to be a pro poker player is impossible just by reading a single post. However, if you want to become a winner in poker games, your journey begins here. The following are five poker secrets you never knew (and must know) to help you start your first step towards winning in poker games.

1. You’ll Require Insane Discipline Levels

The poker game involves smart edges repeatedly exercised over time. If you lack discipline patience, these smart edges won’t pay off in the end. In fact, players who know this seem not to understand the amount of patience needed. Insane discipline means you can lose up to six times in a row with pocket aces without getting demoralized. Playing poker online can be a mind-numbing experience with endless strings of loses that can easily get you on tilt.

2. Poker Mathematics Isn’t as Challenging as You Think

Counting outs is probably all you ought to understand concerning poker math. Outs are simply cards that give you a winning hand. For any card, you’ll need to make your hand the best possible one, count it as full value. On the other hand, other outs are merely partial and might or might not guarantee a win. Thus, it’s your full responsibility to determine how likely it can be. In most cases, you’ll have to remember the four cards of each rank and the thirteen per suit. 

3. Losing Isn’t a Huge Deal as You Think

Getting a long-term positive expectation means you are playing poker the right way. However, if this goes in the short-term, you are set to lose money. Remember, no one would be playing poker if any of this wasn’t true. Don’t ever get frustrated or think you can earn more significant money if your competitors respected their raises if their hand was better. The secret here is that you stand to benefit at the end of it if your competitors use inferior hands to call your raises. Sometimes, this is the main reason why bad bets can be as well be a good thing. Losing is normal; in fact, you’ll lose many times. However, if you stick to the rules, you’ll eventually win a good amount to cover up for the losses and still profit.

4. Failing to Let Go of a Hand Exposes You to Loses

While playing poker, especially the Texas Holdem, you may experience a change of situations. For instance, your best hand may just preflop, making you fold it simply because the flop won’t fit. If you fail to let go of a hand as it isn’t developing as you had planned, then you are on the path to financial losses while playing poker online. You can find a pot of pocket jacks, but end up with a queen or an ace on the flop. Any opponent with two suitable cards, a queen or an ace will have a more significant advantage over you already. Remember, there comes a time when you must let go, whichever way premium preflop pocket jacks are.


These four secrets are highly guarded by poker pros and would instead protect them with their lives. Take advantage of them to start playing poker like a pro and register noteworthy wins. Good luck!