We tell in detail, with numbers, personal stories and links to tools on how to become a blogger on Instagram – even if you now have ten followers and you almost do not know how to use this social network.

How to choose a theme for a blog?

To determine the audience of your page and interest people from the first visit to your account, define one topic for the sports blog: football, gymnastics, nutrition or something else.

Here are some ways to find the theme for your Instagram account:

   1. Find what you know

For strangers, your workout routine may be interesting. Another idea can be to post tips on sports you know about. Ideas for newbies is another great topic you can talk about.

   2. Select the case you want to study

If you still don’t like talking about everyday life, find a sport that has long been of interest to you: even if you don’t know anything about it. This is a good opportunity to understand the sport and become a blogger. The success story from a beginner will cause empathy among readers – it is easier for people to associate themselves with people who, like themselves, are afraid of something and make mistakes.

   3. Look at your followings

Another way to choose a topic for your sports blog is to analyze what content you are reading. You will be interested in working on this topic.

And do not be embarrassed if hundreds of people are already talking about an interesting topic. Almost everything has already been invented, but this does not mean that no one wants to hear another story – yours.

Instagram account setup

Change the profile description, avatar and highlighted stories so that visitors immediately understand who you are and what your page is about.

Usually, they write in bio: name, city, age. A few lines about work, hobbies and the topic of posts.

Make line breaks so that the profile header looks neater.

Don’t go overboard with emoji. A properly designed account on Instagram is almost half the success for promotion.

Indicate one link: to your website, page on another social network or telegram channel.


Instagram for Your Sports

Photos in the account must be combined. Some reach fanaticism and take dozens of photographs with objects of the same color and the same processing. It is enough to adhere to one style and color scheme. The pictures mustn’t look randomly.

1. Define the primary color of the account

2. Preview: check how the photos will look in your account before publication.

3. Expose only high-quality pictures (of course, artistic ideas are an exception). There is too much competition on Instagram to hope for attention to the blurry, grainy frames shot on the camera of an old phone.

4. Create interesting photos. The personal account and the blogger account differ in content. Everyday photos are good too, but will strangers want to look at them? Think, would you be interested in such a photo with the participation of another person?

If you keep memories on Instagram and you need to share some events from life with your friends, start and arrange a second profile, personal.

At this point, you may find that you do not know how to take pictures. This is fixable: there are free lessons on YouTube.

Photo Processing for Instagram

You probably still need to learn how to process. There are lessons on Instagram and YouTube. Processing is a serious topic for the audience of this social network. Processing lessons from famous bloggers are even for sale.


   1. Traffic from other social networks

When creating a new page, the easiest (and obvious, but still counting!) way is to invite followers from other social networks and ask friends who have been on Instagram for a while to follow your new account.

   2. Getting more Instagram followers

So the easiest way to gain Instagram followers is to buy real ones: you can click here to visit the best site to buy Instagram followers. They offer you real active followers that will actually engage with your profile.

   3. Mass-following on Instagram

Remember when people say “Only shops follow me on Instagram”? This is mass-following – automatic following to a large number of accounts. Not only commercial profiles but also personal accounts do this. After following, you need to unfollow, this causes negative results. You can get a ban if you violate the limits on the number of actions per hour, but also once other users realize you stopped following them, they will also stop following you, so you’re back at the start.

   4. Activity chats

Experienced bloggers often come together in groups to help each other. Not only advice but also create activity in the account, because it affects the ranking. In activity chats, people like and comment on each other’s posts. Such comments are easy to get: they are simple (“Cool photo”, “You are super”).

   5. Competitions and contests

With quality content and luck, you can get a free mention from major bloggers. They organize contests: followers share in the accounts any photo of the organizer and tag it. After that, the blogger selects among the participants the accounts that he liked and publishes a photo of them in his profile or in “stories”.

   6. Hashtags

In 2010, promotion through hashtags was relevant. Today, after the following to hashtags, this method again has a chance. But there is no proven algorithm of actions yet. Test different hashtags in publications and compare the statistics of posts with and without hashtags: perhaps reaching the top for some tag will bring you a new audience.

   7. Getting to the top/recommendations

This is the most realistic way to gain audience. Getting into the recommendations brings you from a couple of tens to several thousand followers from one post.